Abstract: This article has been developed in the present study to address the taboo of being left-handers in a right-handed world. This article is based on taboo about left-handers all across the world, being left-handed is considered as a taboo among most of the countries i.e, Asia, etc. Whereas left-handed people covers over 10% of arbitrary population the right-handed people are taken as a positive Consideration as they occupy 90% of the arbitrary population in this right-handed world. As a taboo left-handed people are considered to be meticulous discrimination an down heartedness. This article will give light prove values with the special reference of human beings and their nature as a whole dynamic balance.

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What Taboo really means??

Taboo is an activity which is done without thinking. It is an activity which is not accepted by the law itself.

I am myself a lefty.

  • Taboo changes the Choices, attitude, behaviour, and thinking perceptions of an individual completely.
  • According to Encyclopedia taboo is defined as “the prohibition of an action based on the belief that and consecrated or too dangerous and accursed For ordinary individuals to undertake.”
  •  Taboos basically deals with Societal issues, family issues cultural issues, religious doctrine political affairs, and many more of it.
  • Taboos are basically a kind of behaviour attitude which are not accepted by the society itself there is a kind of prohibition in terms of law rules and regulations as framed by the constitution.

Who are considered as lefthanders?

Those people who use more of their left hand As compared to the right hand are known as left-handers. the right side of the brain is more active than the left side of the brain as the wiring of the brains are cross connected so if a person is a left hander then they right side of the brain is more active in comparison of left side. These people who are left handers are considered to be more creative and artistic.

Characteristics of left hander’s

  • They are considered to be more introverted as compared to the right-handers.
  • Another taboo about left-handers is that it is considered as hand That is used for personal hygiene like after urination,etc.
  • The left-handers are considered to be more intelligent and smarter and creative in all fields.
  • As they have leadership qualities they are more likely to be a strong leader.
  • Left-handers are persecuted.
  • They are very good at most of the sports.
  • They have holistic thoughts.
  • They have 3D perspective perception.
  • They think differently and smartly.
  • They are true lovers of music.
  • They are imaginators.
  • They have great intuitions and insights.
  • Overall they are creative smart intellectual imaginators.
  • Their right side of brain is more active as compared to the left side of the brain.

Problems faced by left hander’s

  • Problem occurs and finding a friendly left handed desk they struggle more for writing on the right handed desk their position ofsetting also gets ruined because of this issue.
  • Things for them became upside down like while playing instrument such as guitar one who is lefty has to play it doing upside down Especially for the person who for the person who plays it with the left side.
  • Dealing with the tools and equipment like Scissors, openers,etc
  • These people are more sensitive to criticism and gets easily embarrassed.
  • They have Restless sleep have problems in sleeping.
  • These people are more susceptible to mental issues.
  • Pens at the banks are always attached in right side they have problems in writing with that side.
  • If one left-handed, writing in spiral notebooks is a special kind of torture.
  • Spending whole life bumping elbows with right hander’s.
  • Always leftover ink marks.
  • The number pad on the keyboard are far from reach for lefties.
  • They face with emotional imbalance most of the times.

International Left hander’s day

International Left hander’s day is celebrated every year on 13th August , founded by the Left hander’s club in1992.This day is celebrated to spread awareness among people about left handed people advantages and to stop the discrimination being done in various countries of our globe for being a lefty and to stop the people who pressurise lefties to forget their true nature an start doing their all tasks with their right hands. And to treat these people who are lefty with complete respect Without dominating them by setting themselves free in their true nature.

As this word is considered more respectful for the right handed people Who are already following their true nature of being right handers.

Why this world is considered right handed world??

This world is considered right handed world because the individuals are forced to switch on right hand because the left handed people are not considered intellectually stronger in comparison of right handed people they are considered to be dishonest and inappropriate as compared to right handed people in this right handed world . Right handed people are more Analytical and logical in decision making as their left side of brain is more active.


In this article the concept of left handers is considered as inappropriate in varid cultures It is not even accepted by the society as left hand is considered to be unhygienic or dirty so most of the countries consider it as a taboo. To protect the interest and needs of the left handers a club was formed by left handers club In the year 1992. 13th August was declared as International Left hander’s day.

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