Don't pull my chariot, Devkinandan
My kin standing in front of the guilt raised in heart
The power in the arms are weak, the self-power is lost
How to give them death, history tarnished by their bloodshed.
Although my Abhimanyu was killed by them by breaking the rules of war,
My brother Duryodhana wanted Ardhangini to be seated on his thighs
But will this cycle go on like this by giving life and taking it,
Will you ever accept the sleep of peace in this earth?
The best archer is not the one who takes his family life,
Spill your own blood with strong winds,
I am weak, I am restless, I have questions in my mind,
How do I raise my bow like this and declare war with my own blood?
"O Arjuna, why in vain finds himself weak,
When the charioteer is your own Devkinandan,
Why are you getting distracted in the hallucinations of the opposition,
Doing the work, raised the bow and blow trumpet, the call of the identity status.
Hai Devikinandan, my lord, now this voice of mine is dedicated,
I don't want that history in which my family members are carnaged by me
How will I be able to sit on this throne, how will I be able to forget about their screams,
I hand over this armor to you for stopping the war, do not want my blood to shed,
Seeing Arjuna's agony, Hari took a big form, seeing the form, Arjun bowed down.
There was a conch shell, sometimes there was a flower shower of the gods, the dialogue which was waiting for it appeared to be complete today,
Today the lesson of knowledge and the essence of life will be narrated, this preaching will be known as Gita Upadesh in future.
"Hey Arjun, what is history, but the call of time is this great war,
Is that a warrior who lives in the past, seeing the present finds shelter at his home,
Dhanudhar, you are not a great rock, you are a rock, your voice has lifted up, Dharma says this present,
Take this education today, live in the present, and follow your karma.
"You weep in vain, only an innocent child cries because of the breaking of clay toys",
The Self has to come and go, sometimes the righteous and sometimes the unrighteous enters, exits,
We are you made of clay, then the self is mortal, your thinking is useless, heaven and hell, now it is their karma,
Therefore, O Arjuna, take up the weapon, get out of your mind and perform your war religion.
"Hey Arjuna, the best hero, the one who does not panic at the sight of time, does not change the path of his action,
Brave does not change religion, seeing trouble like this, Mallar does not leave, seeing the boat influx,
The duty to be performed by a Kshatriya is to destroy the unfettered enemy of war".
"Destruction grows to those who have no control over anger,
The Kauravas were destroyed only when Duryodhana misbehaved with passion,
Sister-in-law would have been like her mother, tried to make her sit on the thigh,
Hey Arjun, now this is the call of religion, it is your voice to give them death.
"Look at me as my Aditya, the destroyer in the Creator itself, this Maya would move from me, the line of fate would bow before me,
If I wish, I have put Mahabharata in your favor in a Sudarshan, but from what will the satire of historians,
That's why leave everything and come to me, no matter how sad you are, Shri Hari Laa on your face,
Raised the sharp bow and the sound of the tank, tell today the saga of heroic Arjun.
"Hey Arjun, today you are disturbed, but change is the rule of the world.
Today the people who are upset with Duryodhana are happy tomorrow because of your fighting.
Follow Dharma and remove Maya's delusion, for the good of the weak, you rise up,
Protecting weakness is the mark of a hero, don't believe how many sacrifices are behind you in coming on this day.
Arjuna recognized his religion after listening to this sermon, what was the roaring conch shell from Devkinandan's conch?
Hearing this call, all the Kauravas were terrified, all the gurus were now ready for war.
The agony of Arjuna's heart was like a straw now, this teaching of the Gita is very beneficial even today.

.    .    .