Photo by Joanna Nix-Walkup on Unsplash

She kept begging me to come back,
Crying and crawling on the floor,
My frozen heart could take it no more,
I tried to take a step forward,
To comfort her, reach out and hold her,
Took every ounce of strength to open that door,
And drag my wounded body in all its gore, across the cold floor,
Just to let her know that, I couldn't bear to see her grieve anymore.
That’s when the screaming started,
She looked right at me and screeched, "No!!"?
Fickle girl, what can I say,
Changes her mind ten times a day,
Forever is the game liars play,
When things go south, they all leave anyway.
It wasn't easy for me, taking that step,
Drained everything that was left,
Now imagine how much more unwanted I felt!
So, I crept back slowly,
Fading into the shadows,
Made up my mind to return no more,
Went back in and closed my coffin door.

.    .    .