Image by Rajesh Balouria from Pixabay 

Humans are social animals. And wherever there is society there are differences as well. The differences could be in language, colour, caste, colour, and opinions as well as ideology and beliefs about religion. One such difference is about casteism and marriages among inter-caste. It is one of the taboos which has been followed in Indian society specifically by the people who preach Hinduism. The same kind of denominations and rules can be found in other religions as well. But this practice of discriminating against people based on the caste in which they are born has been practiced since 2nd BC when Manu Smriti was written and published as well as accepted by the Hindu society. It gave indiscriminate rights to certain castes as superior and inferior and restrictions were imposed on marriage in inter-caste. Even in today’s society, this practice is widely followed despite the fact that it has been clearly mentioned in Vedas and Bhagwat Geeta about a free movement among castes and no barriers to castes. In the present society, a lot of cases of honor killing and different crimes have been observed in which the family members even commit crimes to stop inter-caste marriage which is fundamentally against the Hindu ideology. These crimes do show the prejudice and discriminating nature of humans from which they are bound no matter wherever you go on this earth, you will find differences and one community enforcing their superiority over others. The practice of inter-caste marriage has fuelled a very big question about the disparity among people based on their birth. The government has imposed several laws to allow inter-caste marriages and remove the disparities amongst people. It is high time that we should come out of this prejudice and start understanding that now we live in the same society and with the same standards as well and enforce such harsh and nonsense rules on the bonds of two people tied with an immaterial and selfless feeling is justified or not. Recently government is using ways to remove differences and abrogate the caste system hierarchy but it can only be incorporated through harmony and more relation buildings among inter-caste. Love is a selfless act of giving and dedicating to others and it should be incorporated amongst humans to end this taboo of inter-caste marriage as well as caste system hierarchy. Together we stand strong and divided we are ruled by others.

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