Image by Лечение Наркомании from Pixabay 

You've stood in front of the mirror,
watched yourself break into a million pieces
and not recognise the reflection,
asking what's the point of it all.

You've sat on the ledge on moon lit nights
and asked yourself if you should do it.

You've sat in a dark and lonely room,
feeling the guilt of hurting people
asking yourself why you couldn't be kinder.

You've accidentally poured out to people
and asked yourself why you couldn't be less broken.

You've chosen to see only bad
even in good people as a defence mechanism.

You've tried to convince yourself a thousand times
how much easier it would be to give up
than to struggle through this pain.
to breath needles down your throat every single day.

what you never asked was, do you have to do it alone?
For, you can be the strongest and the bravest
but you don't have to be.
And sometimes all you have to do is, reach out.
Let them in.
You might get help, you might not and
that's a gamble you must learn to play loose,
and you will, more often than not get it.

You see, after so many years of being sick,
you don't know anymore,
what part is the sickness and what part is you.

You start to associate yourself to the sickness
and you become it.

So you need people, the kind ones, to remind you
and help detach yourself from the sickness
so you can become more you.

.    .    .