Just a few days ago, someone asked me why I write. Writing didn’t come naturally to me, nor did I ever admire the writing. I never wrote in a teenage journal, never sent any letters to my friends, and wasn't excited about writing bland essays for my college assignments (still not). I never thought that people would appreciate me for my writing because I didn’t believe that I had the ability or might I say my words had the power to have an impact on them. But still, I started writing. I remember that one of the online women's magazines asked me to share my story on how I fought the patriarchy for their special segment on women's day. I just wrote about myself, no facts, no figures, nothing but just my story for that article. They shared it online and I shared it amongst my contacts. I didn't expect that people would read it, let alone appreciate me for my writing. Yet the response was overwhelming, making me want it more and at that moment, I realised the power of writing. Since then, there has been no turning back. I started writing about everything, looking for ways to just write on anything, improving my skills and sharing my stories with the world, so that they can see things from my perspective.

What began as an escape from reality, soon became my identity. Some people might think that writing is trivial but in recent times when people get detained, they get threatened, only because of what they have written, I believe writing is a privilege. 'Pen is mightier than the sword' has been said for ages now but I reckon that it should become the universal truth as writing does have the power to transform narratives, it has the power to bring in a change.

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And the reasons as to why I write are very simple.

I write because I am aware of what’s happening around me. I write because I know what is my responsibility towards society as the youth of my country, our potency as a collective force and that we owe not only our motherlands but also to the world as global citizens. I like to write about things that bother me, the so-called accepted norms of the society I live in and those norms that need to be rebuilt and re-thought. With my writing, I like to envision a world where conditions for women would be better, where equity and equality in every aspect exist, where nobody's choices are questioned, where people are fearless and stand for what’s right, and where humanity in practice exists. I write because I know what feelings, thoughts, and actions my words can invoke in people that will help us to create this world that's desirable for living.

I write because it’s the only way through which the profundity of emotions can be expressed. Writing provides a sense of relief, it makes truth bearable in our shaky existence, it brings a slight flicker of hope. I write because it makes me feel empowered, it helps me resonate with myself and others. It helps me understand and bring out the nuances of human emotions.

I write because it doesn’t let me forget where I come from and these entitlements that I have received are only because of my social status and these can’t be taken for granted. I have seen people living happily in places where we can’t even imagine living, I have seen children playing barefoot and enjoying and getting eager for those things that might seem wonted to us. I see basic rights being a prerogative; children are forced to work when they should be studying in schools, girls are barred from going for higher education only because it isn’t deemed right to let them get educated, women are being silenced and discouraged from standing up for themselves. And thus I write because I want to dismantle the social perils of patriarchy, injustice, gender bias and orthodox beliefs of people.

Writing is just not my niche but also my commitment to this society and my fellow human beings and being an aware and active citizen of my country, I feel writing helps me justify it. I write because it gives me a way to speak for those who can’t speak for themselves. I believe in the capacity of my writing and the extent of its effect on others. Some people might not like what I write but even if I was able to make one person question his or her existing convictions through my writing, push them to a different direction of thinking and mould their opinions, it will make it all worth it and I would believe that I have done my job well. And this will become my impetus for writing more.

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I don’t write only because I want to bring a change, no matter the magnitude or intensity, but I also write because it makes me feel different. Writing has had a big influence on my life. It gives me a sense of liberation and makes me discern the potential within me. Ever since I started writing, I have seen the growth inside me, furthering me towards my goals. Writing isn’t a rare trait that can’t be found in this world of enlightened people but to have that relationship with your readers, and make them string a chord with their inner self is something only a few could do and that’s what makes me pursue writing. It’s my only tool to smash the systemic oppression, bigotry, patriarchy, stereotypes, discrimination and prejudices. It helps me extend a hand and connect with people who do not have the means to voice their opinions. It’s my silver lining when I am lost. It’s through writing that I can break down the shackles of this prosaic world and escape into the world that’s mine, with no terrors of the status quo. And I hope that it will embrace me just the way I have embraced it into my life. I hope it will make me what I want to become.

Words provide solace to us, an excavation of hope; they are an aide-memoire of things turning out well at the end. And they are a treasure, I would never want to lose!

I am what I write
Revering the words
for they have become a part of me
I write because
It says a thousand words
even when there’s nothing to say
When the sheer fight
between my mind and heart
makes me tired
It provides me with the solace
which is nowhere to be found
I write because
It feels like a homecoming
From the humdrum of this world
That has succumbed itself
To the misery of the mankind
Writing paves a path for me;
It makes me numb to the voices
That reminds me of the calloused reality
I wished would not have existed
I write
because it pushes me to
what I have always wanted to be
And I write
because it holds the truth
that I want to seek.

.    .    .