Image by Luisella Planeta Leoni LOVE PEACE 💛💙 from Pixabay 

If you ask me how I'm dealing with the pandemic and how it's

influencing me, I'd say: I know it's not easy for us, I know

it's not easy for those lying in hospitals, and I know it's not

easy for those who have lost a loved one. Life leads us in a

variety of directions. That is why it is critical to live in the now

without thinking about the past or future. I sit at home, complete

my schoolwork, go out on the balcony, drink coffee, and listen to

music. I can't keep track of all the things I do, to be positive. It is

important to me that my brother, parents, and grandparents are

safe, and I do my best to ensure that they are.

Help - that’s the word I’m looking for. What does it mean “to help

someone”? Help someone to teach them something. Help someone

by having a conversation with them. We should use this word in

our vocabulary more frequently so that we can see more smiles on

people's faces. This experience taught me how to love. It is

possible to love not just a person, but also the little things in life.

Sharing is caring. Sometimes we need to be reminded of the

importance of compassion. We must remember that we have been

given the gift of life and that we must value it.

People actually meant it when they asked, "How are you?" or "I

hope you're doing well." The tonal texture of these basic phrases

has changed, indicating genuine concern rather than passing

pleasantries. The fact that similar difficulties have occurred in the

past — whether it was a virus, economic impact, or mental health

– has contributed to this. And this is a huge shift, particularly in a

world where there was a growing 'empathy gap.’

I truly recognized that life as we know it now is not without its

difficulties, but that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

We are all deserving of the knowledge that we have value in the

world. In many circumstances, the pandemic has revealed people's

genuine personalities and intents. As someone who can sense other

people's emotions and energies, all I can do is attempt to be as

cheerful as possible while still being aware of my own energy and

how it may affect others.

It will just take a little patience and support for us to overcome this

crisis, but we can do it together. We merely need to follow the

state's instructions and procedures in order to safeguard ourselves,

our loved ones, and others in our community. We all know how

difficult it is to stay at home, yet taking a moment to ponder offers

its own virtues…

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