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“Dreams are not what you see in sleep, a dream is something that does not let you sleep”
- “A.P.J. Abdul kalam” once said.

It got me pondering how our decisions and choices can affect our lives and gave me the courage to dream big and chase those dreams which can make a difference not only in our lives but in the lives of people around us. After all, you should satisfy only two people in the end, not your mother, father, partner, children, or teachers, but your 8-year-old self and your 80-year-old self. On that note, I'll write down a poem that I wrote inspired by this thought

we're all alive, but at some point in life, have you ever really wanted to live, live to do something worthy,
that even after you die, time will tell your story,
have you ever been in love, I'm sure you all have,
but, have you ever been in love with your dreams
or with the idea of humanity,
to such an extent that you lose your sanity,
love can sure bombard you with butterflies,
but give your dreams wings and see how high you can fly,
your hustle can solve all your problems and make you stand,
so that one day, you can solve the problems of the world,
unlike your ex, it'll never leave your hand,
it’ll never leave your side,
all you have to do is take in all the hardships throughout its ride,
don’t waste your youth thinking about someone who can’t turn your frown upside down
slide past that heartbreak and start working for your own sake,
don't let your dream ever turn into a 9 to 5 job,
don't let this society rob you of your bank of curiosity,
comfort and security can seem like a sweet lullaby,
but they can one day kiss your sleep goodbye,
if you don't listen to your heart or take the road less traveled,
like how a violent storm can’t make the stars come down,
even in an ocean of painful tears, your dreams can never drown,
one day, when you're out there, on the field,
the crowd doesn't know if you're grieving,
you just have to keep playing,
till you hear the entire stadium cheering,
even when your mind has given up,
it is enough if your heart races for it to wake up,
So, friends, live like there's no tomorrow,
love hard, despite despair and sorrow,
and once you've experienced this way of life, trust me, you won't find fun living it any other way,

like “MJ” once said, “there are ppl dying, if you care enough for the living, make a little space to make a better place for you and me and the entire human race make a little space to make a better world”

Sometimes, things don't turn out the way you want them to, you don't end up living the life of your choice. How many of you are living your dream right now? If you are, it’s the best life to lead with satisfaction, isn't it? and how many of you still look back to that particular phase when you were young and fascinated about something and would go to any extent to fulfill that passion?

In today’s competitive world, it’s unfortunate that there are more of us who live with unfulfilled dreams and regrets every day. There are more of us who succumb to the social norms of society and lead a life of convenience rather than a life of choice. All of us are ambitious at some point in time, but it’s just a few who take the high road and pursue their dreams, no matter what. It’s never too late to chase your dream, “better late than never” right? A simple few steps and everyday hustle to overcome the obstacles is all it takes to get what you want.

Love the Dream, Nurture the dream

While starting your journey to reach a goal, you need to have that raging passion and love for your goal. When you have that love, then only can you do everything in your power to make it yours. Look at your dream like you would at the love of your

life, consider it as your soulmate and when you give it that priority putting it above all, you will automatically do whatever it takes to fulfill it.

Yes, you can, yes you can!!

You might have big dreams and yet believe that you can never be capable enough to achieve them. but, with the right amount of work and preparation, YES YOU CAN! Once you enter this race, Let go of your insecurities, while believing so hard in a positive manner that YOU CAN do it will itself get you halfway across the bridge.

Put your thoughts into action

You might have immense love for your dreams, but all these emotions are useless until you act upon them and do something about them. You HAVE to work on yourself and build up the inner strength to not leave it behind when you are pursuing something.

Have a disciplined routine

Time management - A fixed time to wake up and to go to sleep, giving up on a few things which waste time to ultimately reach your goal, because “time is money” and you can never get back lost time. Think about it all the time, while eating, sleeping, while doing anything, it should be there in the back of your mind that you have to do this

Having a strict schedule to follow- put up a daily schedule and make sure to follow it at any cost. Create your deadlines and set short-term goals and try your best to reach them.

Meditate and work out - to keep your mind healthy is as important as keeping your body healthy. A fresh mind and a healthy body will help you focus and concentrate better.

Stop procrastinating - it's a deadly trap and impossible to come out of, so better not get anywhere near it. Whatever you have to do, do it today, do it now!

Never give up 

When you get a chance, talk to a person who missed getting into their dream college by one rank, a person who put all his savings into a film which did not release, a person who put their life’s work into a book that could not be published, a person who gave up their dreams for family and society, that pain and heartbreak are worse than 1000 break-ups. But all these people never gave up and are still trying and will try till their last piece of soul and energy is drained out

Imagine a world where you do whatever it takes to accomplish your dreams, a world where every one of us looks at the bigger picture, a world where every one of us lives

our dream with pride and satisfaction, a world where there is no place for regrets. Isn’t it upon you to build that world and build that future by building our dreams? after all, as our famous king khan – Shah Rukh Khan once said -

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