Photo by Taylor Smith on Unsplash

This message is written for people who always question their self-esteem and lower themselves by thinking too much about people and their perception of them Alluring myself the way they wanted. Slim waist thin body, attractive breasts, curvy figure spellbinding personality.

While making everything desirable we forgot that it is a gift to us. It is different for everyone. and why do we want a fascinating body to love ourselves?

Earlier it was just the way painters wanted to praise and desire the feminine beauty and body through their brushstrokes on a blank canvas. To compliment beauty or to portray their thoughts and definition of beauty in his mind and eyes which made paintings more attractive for him, it was just to pass the benchmark of lifeless canvas figures. But, what about our own thoughts our own understanding and perception of beauty is not worth or acceptable?

Isn't it more pleasurable when ill make my life with my own benchmarks, where only self-willpower and belief in ourselves would be important. At that point time, everyone would be the most beautiful creation to love themselves as they are and will grow with a positive outlook and perspective towards themselves and society.

When my chubby or fit body would be a happy place I'll be more comfortable loving myself and to reflect my ideas without self-doubt at that time, we will be free from the rule and judgments of others and their beauty benchmarks and aspirations.

Everything is unique and beautiful in itself believe in your self believe in your power and energy, you'll be always beautiful.

.    .    .