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"This world is beautiful because of you! To love somebody means that we are closer to God".


"Humanity is only such a beautiful gift which beside tax benefits give internal happiness also".


Humanity is one of those vast topics which can never be put in a boundary of handful happenings whereas it itself represents the intensity like an ocean. It's purely endless and it expands each time one good deed adds to the canvas of this universe.

This widely discussed term is defined as humans with all the virtues of humaneness. Be it spreading love, having the sense of consciousness, portraying compassion from the core of our hearts, carrying the warmth towards another being, showing kindness to each and every creature regardless of their size and color, adding happiness to the lives of distressed, replacing hatred with the art of benignity, transforming nuisance and tragedy into a situation of peace and unity and many more.

As Covid-19 shatters the rhythm of mankind, and swishes us rapidly with the proliferation in the number of deaths, we have finally collapsed to face the transparency of this brutal world. We have known the reality of our desires to live in a world exaggeratingly shown on the internet is never going to destine us for a peaceful end. The drastic fall in the growth of economy, politics and society has manipulated our ways of living merely in a few months. Still in the midst of an alarming time when few valiant souls lent their helping hands to some homeless, jobless and distressed people in their needs, we didn't let the faith on humanity fade away.

A harmonious world awaits us to create the peace friendly bond among every creature without any discrimination and shaming. The naturalness, an important source of heartiness, somehow is on the verge of extinction solicits us to understand its necessity and maintain the balance of serene and simplicity to elongate the morals of fraternity. Through good thoughts we walk on the pathway to good deeds and through good deeds we reach to the point of peace of mind.

In this fast moving world, even if we spend a minute to spread positivity on a daily basis, it's not impossible for a world consists of 7.5 billion people to fulfill the ideals of humanity. To foster the positive goals around the globe and deliver long-lasting impact on people for ages, humanity solicits us just like we solicit humanity from each other.

-Fayaz Ahmad Wani, Teacher BHS Trich 

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