There are a thousand things that could be said and written about the Sun due to it being of paramount importance to human beings. Such is the Sun’s importance in our life that there would have been no life had there been no Sun. Our lives revolve around the Sun literally as well as figuratively. For starters, it is the reason for food on our plates and oxygen in our body. Plants require sunlight and water, and carbon dioxide to produce glucose, which gives plants their nourishment and humans their food. During this process, plants release oxygen as a byproduct, which is the reason for the presence of oxygen in our environment. Not only the food on our plates but also the electricity in our homes is supported by the Sun. The world is slowly and gradually moving towards renewable energy sources, which means the energy resources that are inexhaustible like Sun, Wind, etc. As the Sun is ubiquitous and a popular source, the use of solar energy is burgeoning to power the homes and industrial activities alike. It is also the reason behind the creation of winds.


Thus, additionally contributing to non-renewable sources of energy. Interestingly, Sun is the reason behind making the sky blue and the creation of rainbows. For a common man, it is yellow, but the Sun is a great imposter. It seems to be yellow but is not actually yellow. It never shows its true color, except when you are close to it, i.e., in the space, you would not get to know its actual color, which is white. Human beings owe a debt of gratitude to the Sun for Cloud formation and Rainfall. The beautiful and picturesque rainbows are also created by the Sun only, when the Sun’s white light enters into Earth’s atmosphere, it gets scattered through atmospheric particles, resulting in the single white light of the Sun getting scattered into a seven-color rainbow. If you are suffering from a deficiency of Vitamin D, you need not worry as the Sun has covered you here as well. 15 Minutes of early morning sunshine will solve your problem. So much is the efficacy of early morning Sunshine is that Vitamin D is also known as the Sunshine Vitamin.

No doubt that in the Hindu religion, the Sun is considered as the Deity. Suryadeva or the God of The Sun is depicted as riding a chariot pulled by horses, often seven in number displaying seven colors of visible light, or seven days of a week. People in India celebrate various festivals in the reverence of Suryadeva, which include the Makar Sankranti, Pongal, Chhath puja, Kumbh Mela, and many others. Chhath puja is one of the four-day festivals where lakhs of devotees thank the God of Sun for helping, supporting, and sustaining life on Earth. Some of the famous temples devoted to the God of Sun include Konark Temple of Orrisa, Surya mandir of Modhera, Gujarat, Martand Sun Temple, Jammu and Kashmir.

The Sun is also considered to be a mood elevator. Because of this, we consider the factor like the room to be well disposed to sunlight as important while purchasing a property. In fact, Researchers at Brigham young university have found that Sunshine can have a tremendous impact on mental health and overall well-being. They found mental health distress increased among the population during times of the year with reduced hours of sunlight. On the contrary, researchers associated days with Sunshine galore with better mental health. Even the day of the week with the name of Sun is the happiest for people, Sunday.


On the one hand, the Sun is immensely beneficial to us. On the other hand, it is becoming a significant threat to us because of our intemperance and immoderation. Excessive greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, methane, and carbon monoxide are trapping the Sun’s heat into the atmosphere, resulting in an unprecedented amount of heating of the planet and incessant increase in the temperature. Global warming results in the engendering of severe problems that include huge numbers of wildfires, which further exacerbates the problem, scarcity of water supplies, extinction of wildlife species, and a hole in the ozone layer, causing increased exposure of human beings to UV rays. Luckily, the problems generated by the Sun could be solved by the Sun. The majority of global warming activity is caused by our regular use of fossil fuels like Coal, Oil, and Natural gases, which should be phased out gradually by increasing Renewable energy sources available aplenty around us.

Human beings can enjoy the bounty of the Sun and can thank God for blessing us with this generous gift that satisfies all our bodily needs.