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If the truth of life be told, it is, that for every little moment of happiness, you have to fight your way through the sadness. Those who have a better & brighter today know well what it takes to push through the gloomy, dark days. Because no one's actually superbly lucky to be blessed with everything without having lost something precious. And there's no guarantee that the happiness they've earned in the present is going to last forever for there is this beautiful balance of सुख-दुख maintained perfectly and justifiably by the Almighty.

So can we just stop comparing our lives with another based on what we see here on social media which celebrates victories much more than the lost battles. People project a lot of negativity and hatred for the privileged ones, the celebrities probably by being envious of the fact that they've been born with a silver spoon in their mouths. This may be true but that, the money, the luxury, the leisure and all the glam doesn't guarantee happiness. By no means, can a sense of pleasure obtained by a rich brat by spending dollars in a club or a party be compared to that sense of contentment which an office man feels when he holds his toddler in his arms after a tiring 9 to 5 job, when he's finally home and embracing his child. So see the difference here? Money can buy you pleasure and fun but never genuine happiness. As much as it might sound cringe-y and cliché or overdramatic to overly ambitious individuals, they still can't shy away from the fact that this is true. Money is not the sum total of your importance in life. Money is not what defines any of us. It is just a means for survival, and for sure it is required and desired, I myself, being a professionally passionate individual, value money for all the power it holds. But there's a limit to its power too, just like every other thing in the universe.

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So when money isn't everything? Why all these mean, derogatory comments that I see every single day on every other rich person's social media posts by commoners. It's time we ask ourselves if we have really stooped that low that now we can't even appreciate another human being happy, celebrating and having fun just because we don't have enough resources as they do. Why all the hatred? My mind seeks some answers. I often ponder as to what satisfaction can anyone get by bringing another down, by passing hurtful statements onto somebody. I wish I could ask those people with such regressive and envious mindsets that does it actually really bring you peace knowing how mean you're being to another being.

I don't know, maybe I can't relate because I'm a very compassionate person myself. I have always strongly advocated the idea of spreading love and only love. If there's something I truly wanna do, it is to be able to impact and touch a lot of lives and fill it with positivity because people are already living such tough lives, everyone is fighting silent battles we know nothing of and all that we can do to help is just by being kind to them. So simple, isn't it? And yet, my mind fails to comprehend that why is kindness such a rarity in today's times. Why can't people wish well for each other and uplift each other. Is it really rocket science? I disagree. Maybe because they fail at accepting that life is hard for everyone and it's not just them who feel that the anxiety, the struggle, the unfairness of life is too much to take in. Every single human being on this planet, I bet, has experienced this atleast once in their lifetime. And often in these moments, instead of practicing gratitude and motivating oneself, a lot of people decide to project their frustration onto those whom they misinterpret as being the *lucky ones* or the ones who're having an easy time living life. But oblivious to them, even the more privileged ones have their own set of problems, struggles and even if they wouldn't have any of those, it still doesn't make them or nobody in this world, for that matter, the so called justified recipient of hatred.

So, all that I would wanna say is that if you're in your happy phase, be grateful and keep working hard. And my friend, if you're feeling low, know that the happy days are yet to come. Be hopeful and never stop believing:) Life for sure is a tough ride, it was never meant to be a cakewalk anyway.

But all I know is that, you surely would do just fine. Everyone is in this together. We will all shine bright. There is never gonna be anything you can't rise above. Remember. And never forget that life, inspite of all its obstacles, is still a very beautiful journey that we have to enjoy living every moment of. Practice gratitude and live mindfully, carrying warmth and compassion in your heart, for not just your near and dear ones, but for everyone.

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