Mohammadpur Umri Village

The villages of India are famous for their picturesque sceneries, stunning landscapes, historical monuments, peaceful life, and so on. But among these beautiful villages scattered all over India, there is one village named ‘Mohammadpur Umri’, which is quite different than all the other places in the world.

Mohammadpur Umri is an incredibly small village in Uttar Pradesh, India. This village is also known as Kaushmbhi and it is near the Air Force base of Barauli in Uttar Pradesh.

The village is around 8 miles away from the famous Allahabad station, and people often hire commercial vehicles to reach there. A man named Mohammad Nasir Ali was the founder of this village and hence, the name ‘Mohammadpur’ was given after him. Mohammadpur Umri covers an area of 80000 km, and the population is around 900. Around 95% of the population is Muslim in the village. The most interesting fact about this village is that it comprises of a large number of a set of twins in the village. And it is also called the twin capital of the world.

The major number of twins make this village a unique place. Among a total of 300 families, you can find approximately 54 twin pairs. The birth rate of identical twins in the village is 300 times the average national scale and is possibly one of the highest in the world. One of ten babies in Mohammadpur Umri comes out to be identical twins, and it has 65 pairs of twins among the total population of the village which is 900. It is said that the very first pair of twins were girl children who were born around 1947. Moreover, Mohammadpur Umri has a couple of twins in every 5th house. While some families in the village are untouched by this wonder, other families have multiple sets of twins in their families. Another interesting and weird fact about this village is that it does not only happen with the humans but animals of this village as well. It happens with the animals like cows and buffaloes, and even hens lay eggs with twin yolks. Mohammadpur Umri is a land of wonders, but no one exactly knows the reasons behind it.

Several people can think that it is part of some rumors or some kind of scams, but numerous national and international researchers have visited this place to understand the reason behind its miracle. Some people believe that it began when an air force base camp was set near the village somewhere around 45 years back. The research types of machinery and the base camp affected the twinning. Some researchers believe that the soil and water minerals of this place are extraordinary. And a huge part of people in the village considers this wonder as God's gift to the villagers.

Some scientists have also claimed that this village can add a new theory in the ‘Genetic Science’. A team of scientists from the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB), Hyderabad, visited Umri village a few years ago. But they could never obtain their research for some unidentified reasons. GR Channdak, group leader at the CCMB, who led the team in 2002, explained all other things about the village but he did not completely conclude about the main reasons behind twins in this particular region.

The small village of Mohammadpur Umri is often compared to Kodinhi in Kerala, which is quite famous. Kodinhi shares the wonder of twins with Umri with around 250 sets of twins amongst 2000 families. However, both the villages are worlds apart. While Umri is a village of poor and landless farmers with numerous troubles, and Kodinhi is prospered with wealthy families and farmers.


Mohammadpur Umri is one of the most unique places in the entire world, but it is still miles away from necessities. For years, the village didn't have electricity facilities and it was only a few years ago, it got access to electricity. There are no hospitals and medical shops inside the village. The young generation has some ambitions and dreams in their eyes but, they have to either leave the village or forget about their dreams. Several twins had married and left the village, and many had also died at the time of birth. The villagers also complain about the researcher who constantly comes to their village for blood samples and other reasons to know more about the twins and disturb their personal lives again and again.

Numerous twins in this village give the villagers a lot to share about the comedy of errors that happens daily in the village. The most known one happened in 2019, at the time of voting when presiding Officers were confused between the twins. Most of the Officers came from other parts of the district and they were unaware of the twins in the village, and there was big trouble as some pairs trooped in after another to cast their votes. There are humorous as well as inspiring stories of these villagers happily living with the unexplained mystery of twins.

The Mohammadpur Umri village itself is vibrant as that of the atmosphere is incorporated in it. It is the most inherently unique place in the world without any explanations behind its wonder of twins. There are no fixed answers about how only a particular small region is responsible for so many twins. This can be a new way to know more about science and humans. This unexplained village can fill anyone with vigorous feelings about how less we know about nature, science, or whatever you wish to name this miracle.



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