People’s Reflections is a platform founded for the people who are thought leaders and eager to express on various topics as well as for dedicated readers where they will get quality content on various subjects.

It is often that readers strongly follow various authors of their choice. Thus, in order to know in detail about your Author, we have created a simplified page where, an author can create their profile in brief as well as detailed profile.

How to Use Profile Page?

1. Upload Image:

We prefer that authors should upload their own image always. However, there is no restriction. Authors can upload any image to portray themselves. Authors shall ensure that the image is with high resolution and fix properly in the box given for uploading image.

2. Other details:

Author shall fill the other details like name, email and social media addresses, if any. We insist upon social media address to make easy for authors to share their articles on their social media walls.

3. Short Bio:

Please don’t go by the name ‘Short Bio’. It’s a Bio where, authors can mention in detail about themselves. This information will give insight to the readers who are the authors and their expertise areas.

4. Upload Portfolio:

This option is provided specifically for the authors as well as those who are artists also. Here you can upload your artistic work or any other images which will portray the authors as well as their talent in detail to the viewers.

5. About my Profile Page:

Apart from the above details, on the ‘My Profile’ page, you can view your latest articles uploaded, the total number of articles you have uploaded so far and the number of followers.

6. What is upcoming in the ‘My Profile’ page?

You can view the names of followers.

7. Your Suggestions..!!

We believe that technology never gets settled. It is an ongoing process and always there a scope for an improvement. We appeal you to give your recommendations to improve ‘My Profile’ page in order to serve you better.  

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