Year 2020 has thrown numerous shocking curveballs at us, from a global pandemic to earthquakes and cyclones, it has required a massive level of patience and supervision, both socially and personally. Numerous people are cursing the year to be the worst of all, but there is always a little good in the worst of the times. So, if you find yourself closing the memories of last year and entering in the new year with a promise to yourself that you will deflect the memories of 2020, let us remind you of the moments that made us smile, that made us proud, and gave us some hope. Here are a few things that might bring some decent hopes during this time.

1. Social Media became a better place to help the citizens in need..!


In 2020, people spent a lot of time with their families, but similarly on social media. The trolling and hate were widespread online, but the positive impact of social media was also in full display this time. Bollywood actor Sonu Sood helped so many migrant workers and other needy people with the help of his social media platforms. Elderly people in need like Baba Ka Dhaba's owner and other small shopkeepers received support and timely help from several netizens around the nation. Social media became a mode of spreading awareness about the people who are in need during the lockdown, and many people came together to help those who are in need.

2. Nature started healing..!

The year 2020 was incredibly good for our environment. With less industrial activities, fewer vehicles on roads, the atmosphere healed in one of the most beautiful ways. Specifically, air pollution decreased and people were able to see the mountains and other far off places clearly, and it was one of the most exciting things that happened in 2020. The UN Environment Programme claimed that global emissions were down by 17 per cent. And in India, CO2 emissions fell by an estimate of 15 to 30 per cent. Even animals were feeling unrestricted. The dolphins came back, and other animals like deers, turtles, nilgais were also spotted walking the streets, making us aware of the significance of nature.

3. More space expeditions by ISRO..!

For the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) the year 2020 was the defining year for their multiple space expeditions. ISRO collaborated with International space organisations and likewise worked on India's multiple space expedition plans. 2020 started with ISRO's launch of the communication satellite GSAT-30 by the European space agency Arianespace rocket Ariane in January 2020. And the year ended with ISRO successfully launching PSLVC50 and injecting CMS01 into the orbit, and it's the 42nd communication satellite of India. Year by year, ISRO is surging new heights in the space with such launches.

4. The third quarter of 2020 protected the Startups..!

The financial year of 2020 was one of the most difficult years seeing the historical slowdown in the major sectors of the economy of India. However, the third quarter brought the nation's venture capital scene back to form. After an average start of the year, Indian startups saw their venture capital investment fall in the second quarter. But according to KPMG and Pitchbook, the third quarter was a rebound in the economy, with $3.6 billion investments into Indian startups for 3 months. The funding amount and deal count also recovered by 167% and 46% respectively. It was an incredible bounce-back during the pandemic time and even smaller startups similarly had great outcomes.

5. Conversations About Mental Health..!

In the year 2020, the discussions turned around the topic of mental health. Several people came forward to help others who were dealing with stress, anxiety, loneliness and many other things due to the tough times of pandemic and the isolation. The lockdown was difficult for so many people, but somehow people managed to handle the loneliness due to the increased awareness about mental health issues during the pandemic period. The year 2020 remarkably drew the attention of people to one of the most crucial topics which were neglected by people before this.