Image by Tumisu from Pixabay 

To enlighten generations, education has been the oldest methodology. But it gives wings to all when blended with technology !!!

Since ancient times education has played a significant role in the upliftment of generations. During ancient times we had the Gurukul system, where one who wished to acquire education would go to a Guru and request to impart education. The guru used to impart knowledge which comprised of subjects like Sanskrit, the holy scriptures, Mathematics and Metaphysics, and Yoga. knowledge was based primarily on nature and practical life and was not restricted to memorizing. The Indian education system is based on its unique essence of unity in diversity.

Gradually technology entered the modern educational system and started playing an important role in the educational field, Though technology has always been a spearhead of human education ever since the days of carving figures and paintings on rock walls till the present day when most the students are equipped with various portable technological gadgets, the essence of technology continues to uplift educational capabilities to new heights. Traditionally, classrooms were limited to old methods of teaching, and communication was limited between the students and teachers of the same classroom or school building. But today, we have various ways of communication that were undreamt of in the earlier days. Who doesn't know about the rise of pandemics in 2019 ?!!! The whole world was shaken by its brutal impact. Was it even dreamt that education would be acquired during the days of the pandemic, which was full of hopelessness and despair without technology, Well! Not. Though we all have unitedly and bravely faced and almost overcome the situation. It surprisingly showed us the importance of technology in our current education system. It has even given us a new horizon to fulfill our dreams. At the same time, it is also important that we should not be carried away by the whole scenario and ignore its disadvantages. Only if we will maintain a fine balance between education and technology it will bear fruits.

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