Image by Pheladi Shai from Pixabay 

Sooner or later we might drift asunder
with the flowing of time
gushing between us, our minds
throwing us apart on different trails.

Sooner or later we might realise our valence
& our flaws due to which
the flowing time could gush in easily
throwing us successfully asunder.

Sooner or later we might feel the unfelt emotions, love
which we oft misheeded to accept
due to certain inappropriate ambiance
& the duty we both carried out for each other.

Sooner or later we might realise that we both
actually were a responsibility to each other
rather than me only tagged as 'responsibility'
setting aside the term
"you were my responsibility too".

Sooner or later we both might realise our fault
but might never affront to each other
highlighting our strength with veiled weaknesses
resulting drastically in a turmoil.

Sooner or later we might be wistful for our past togetherness
but that may seem beyond or reach
impossible to be possible; aloof
& might remain only framed as a 'memory' in a "Photo frame".

So, sooner or later we both should give ears to us
without any negative feedback, criticism, vilifying or
with only listen & positive advice
that might not lead us to a beautiful trail but at least will be together! 

.    .    .