Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay 

In a world where everyone has an opinion, a handful of experience, much-needed ideas to share, inspiring stories to tell, feelings to express, narratives to run, slogans to protest, harsh realities to scream, and motives to provoke. In short, a world that never stops talking more or less, and why would anyone; Isn't everyone entitled to the right to speak? YES, they do. 

But in between all the loud talks wherever they come from, our fragile heart and confused mind gets smashed like cheese & corn between two slices of bread to become a sandwich. This world will never slow down but it will slow us down if we don't take the necessary halts. If work-in-progress is life then so is peace of mind. We aren't providing our minds enough space to get cleanse. A web of coalescing thoughts traps our energy to not function properly. Our thoughts need as much as fresh air our lungs do. I feel silence is a beautiful way to meditate amidst the cacophony.

To hustle, and keep moving in life we need to intake essential vitamins of meditation name silence that will help to keep our minds clear and healthy. If we take five to ten minutes of our morning and practice silence then we may see a lot of difference in day-to-day life perspective-wise. We can practice silence in between conversations, meetings, arguments all sorts of talks. If we take a step back and think in silence if it is necessary to respond this way to the information we are getting. What if there is another way to respond, react, take an action, answer back, convince people, and shed some perspective that might not bring to the table yet.

In all kinds of meditation, I found silence to be the best. Just like "Less is more", silence is a way to talk but now we are sorted in our minds, with our thoughts. I practice silence every day and it helped me to control my anger; now I think twice before putting across irrational, irrelevant, unnecessary thoughts right away. It gives me time to get a grip on my blank mind and come up with logical arguments and, meaningful conversations. Be attentive at the moment when I tend to get lost somewhere in another realm. Silence is a powerful tool to manage thoughts when surrounded by chaos. Let's give it a try if we need it. 

What kind of meditation works for you when dealing with chaos?

Let me know!

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