Image by burin kul from Pixabay 

Shhh!!! you got your period
your first period
congratulations now you are growing up
your body gets sculpted
your breasts will burst
your hips will take a shape
your voice will get melodier
your eyes will sparkle
congratulations girl you are coming to your true form
you will now be more vulnerable to those gaping eyes
you will discharge blood out of your body for the next 35 years
every month for about 3-7 days
you will have to shave your legs, arms and face every
month for the rest of your life now
you will have to look out for all the dangers that you invite with the
length of your clothes, be wise to choose 
you will have to speak in a lower volume and behave maturely 
you will study hard and also learn to cook to be a perfect woman
congratulations because you can do it all and you are expected to do it all
don't take me wrong I am not scaring you
no one is stopping you from doing anything in your life
the working hours should not be too long and best,if flexible
remember it should not be a field job, difficult for women you know?
keep in mind that one you have too be a mother and take care of your child,
so your job should not be a hindrance in it
you will be a wife so even if you work with your husband,
you will be expected to cook for him once you reach home
it will be your duty to make him happy
yeah so choose whatever career path you feel fits in
It's all your choice...
now you are growing you got your period.

.    .    .