Image by Sammy-Sander from Pixabay 

I look at this society
With anguish!
What makes it this spineless,
far fetched creature?
Who gives it power?
Who feeds it fear?
What mirage are they looking at?
Is it not that reflection,
that their mirror resembles?
Doesn’t it represent them?

Alike, but dishonest.
The tantrums I throw
doesn’t fall to ears.
Them, with their daily chores,
Blinded by the future
working in jobs,
less creative, less satisfactory.
Just feeding those doubts,
with desired provocation;

Insecurity creeps in,
without a decibel.
Silence making people anxious,
I scream within to offset,
As this pulls me into it.
Asking questions which seem practical,
Neglecting inner self,
Questioning my beliefs.
I don’t know what to do…
Sometimes, I just sit through thinking…

An idle mind doesn’t move
It sits, observes.
Dangerous to this
fragile society!
As it throws stones
Breaking the mirror into pieces
Which makes it uncomfortable,
unlikable and uncontrollable.
Yes, an idle mind is devil’s paradise,
And that devil is this society.

.     .     .