It’s an uneven place.
Things catching up like shadows.
To shake off those demons
Thoughts swarming around hollow light like flies;
switching “ON” to reality...
With no real purpose.
Moving from one dimension to another
I look around and Observe.
People with day-to-day lives
rushing towards something and
pushing others in this lost crowd.
Stuck in the headspace and out of sequence
I realize, We are a part of this crowd.
draining energy in things
we don’t know if we want.
Like a random greeting
lost in a crowded street.
Passion fading away like a passerby.
Brushing aside...
So, where are our dreams?
Doesn’t it frequently knock the door?
Teasing & Seducing us to take it all??
Where do we go wrong?
Tangled in situations
everything becoming a distant memory
we’re just fulfilling other’s destiny,
with that void becoming larger day by day...
In hiding, losing a bit of us...
Believing one day, Everything changes
and consoling ourselves
It’s a fallacy we people believe in.
Alas, We are just humans

coming through this...
the nostalgic air
which makes me weak
“Is passion overrated??”
a thorn in my flesh, rotting deep
sights nowhere and pretending to be
a mystic energy gave its last breath
the untamed beast,
succumbed with a popping sound.
bursting out, with a passionate soul.!

.    .    .