Image by Pexels from Pixabay 

It was yet another day when he took the metro on his way back to home. The subway station was alive with the spirited sounds of a violin being played at a distant corner. The train arrived on time and as usual, it was void like the sky devoid of the stars. Yet again he saw the girl but today in a beautiful blue wrap dress featuring a front closure that wrapped one side across the other and tying the fabric at the waist. Now both of them sit in the center of the world on a train going 98.8 miles per hour.

She looked confident in the dress but wonders if everyone can see her heart pounding out of her chest the moment she imagines him approaching her.

On the contrary, he nervously taps against the train window, hopelessly wishing she would speak to him at least once. Hours passed by and it became yet another metro journey of thousands of thoughts with no utterance.

He buttons his shirt.

She ties back her hair.

Both took a deep breath, a sigh of annoyance, as the train slows to a stop.

He steps off onto the platform, and the girl stays back, the train starts again, pulling them farther apart, leaving only two ghosts of what could have been behind.

.     .    .