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“The smartphones and the computers separate everybody, makes you think that you need nobody else” 

~Bootsy Collins

Early cell phones when loaded with the problems of network coverage to paying hefty charges for a few minutes to call back home to be so bulky so to be named "car phone", we transitioned to a cell phone era encompassing all imagination of human beings in that small device. These days, almost everyone has quick access, to anything and anyone, so ultimately, everyone works faster. Mobile phones have had a huge impact on our lives and our daily work.

Most of these changes are obvious, but others we may not be aware of. Mobile phones have provided us with the scope to work systematically in less time and optimally. people have been able to easily find the information they need, stay connected with others, and interact with social networks in multiple ways, With over 1 billion smartphone users and 2.5 million apps worldwide, that can be used on Google and Apple's digital marketplaces. Smartphones enrich our lives, but they have many negative consequences as well.

Mobile phones emit low levels of non-ionizing radiation when used. The type of radiation emitted by a mobile phone is also called radiofrequency (RF) energy. The human body absorbs energy from devices that emit high-frequency radiation. scientists have done extensive research on real data about the adverse effects of using a smartphone/cell phone. And the research conducted has shown a link between long-term cell phone use and serious health damage.


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Radiation exposure from cell phones is a prominent phenomenon. Phones are always with us and are so is our connection with the world. Cell phones emit radiofrequency (RF) energy. When you hold the phone close to your head or wear it on your body, you can absorb more than 50% of the transmitted RF energy. The larger tissue conductivity and smaller tip increase their ability to absorb radiation during phone calls, but their lifetime cumulative radiation exposure will also be much greater.

Cancer and other Tumours:

Several studies among sizeable populations have found a doubling of the danger of some brain tumours after 10 or more years’ mobile use for about half an hour each day. Studies indicate a possible link between mobile use and tumours of the exocrine gland (a salivary gland within the region normally highly exposed to radiation during phone use). the planet Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified the radiation emitted by mobile phones as “possibly carcinogenic to humans” (Class 2B).

Harm to Fertility and Reproduction: 

Laboratory and observational investigations have discovered harm to sperm, weakened female fertility and harm to the unborn baby from vulnerability to cell phone radiation.

Genotoxic Effects: 

Laboratory research from various scientists recommend that even after brief times of openness to smartphones radiation, DNA strands can be broken and there are impacts on gene developments. Phone radiation has the potential to interfere with DNA repair mechanisms, which can last several hours after the use of the phone.

Harm to Other Biological Processes: 

Damage to other biological processes: Laboratory studies show that radiation from phones can damage the blood-brain barrier, causing albumin to leak into the brain. Studies have found that melatonin levels in humans drop significantly after about half an hour of cell phone use per day. Effects on heat shock proteins (similar to stress responses), oxidative stress, apoptosis (cell death) and cell membrane damage were identified in the study. These are thought to have a hand in cancer development.

Contribute to the development of insomnia: 

Have you ever felt more awake after using Wi-Fi or even had trouble sleeping through the night? Reports of these situations have been continuous and provoked the need for research in 2007 that assessed low-recurrence adjustment from PDAs and its effect on sleep. Those presented to the electromagnetic radiation had a fundamentally more troublesome time dozing off and changes in brainwave designs were noticed. WiFi infection interferes with falling asleep and maintaining sleep. For many people, lack of sleep is just the start of more serious problems. The development of depression and hypertension has also been linked to insufficient sleep.


A 42-year-old housekeeper moved the SC grumbling that a BSNL tower illicitly installed on a neighbour’s housetop had exposed him to unsafe radiation for a very long time. The seat in its request said, " We direct that the specific mobile tower should be deactivated by BSNL within seven days". This will be the first case in history that on an individual's request, claiming harm caused due to radiation transmitted by the tower such a stringent step will be taken.


Keep away from Body Contact: 

Follow the smartphone producer's warnings found in the smartphone's manual and abstain from utilizing or conveying your mobile phone against your head or body consistently. Most researchers suggest, having around 10mm of space between you and your phone can help you from not getting exposed to radiation. That implies you shouldn't keep it in your pocket too.

Text More: 

one should always try to text instead of talking. While messaging your smartphones will be in your hands and further from your body. This distance makes a lot bigger shield in you to handle radiation from smartphones.

Try to keep phones on Speaker Mode: 

In the event that a call should be made, utilize the speakerphone or a wired headset. When holding the smartphones against your head for a call you are expanding the measure of radiation your head will be engrossing. Close to handle radiation from smartphones is most concerning when the smartphone is against your body. The speaker or wired headsets decrease the measure of close to handling radiation you are presented to.

Airplane Mode: 

Turn your mobile phone off or put it in airplane mode when not being used. keep your phone away from your head and body while you are resting or sleeping. this helps to not getting exposed to radiations

Change Sides of Head When Talking: 

Switch sides consistently during a call to decrease radiation exposure to only one side of your head. many people utilize a similar hand constantly to hold the telephone when we talk. Attempt to change to your other hand and it will help with the goal that one side of your head doesn't generally get all the radiation.


smartphones and mobile phones are now a necessity for almost everyone in the world. Therefore, you need complete evidence of what kind of risk you have to use this small electronic device. Pregnant women and children in particular are at greater risk than healthy people. A recent study of pregnant women who frequently use mobile phones found behavioural problems in their children. According to Dr Om Gandhi, a prominent bioelectromagnetic scientist, cell phone radiation makes children susceptible to the development of cancer. Life is shortened. However, we hope that manufacturers and large corporations will come out and carry out extensive research tasks on the impact of smartphone / mobile phone use on human health.

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