Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay 

I want to go on a long tour,
Just want my soul to be cure,
I want to hold my breathe for an hour,
So that I can see the heaven's flower,
I want to enjoy the sea shore,
And just want to stare you a little bit more,
I want to fly with my beautiful wings,
I love the happiness you brings.
I want to set a dare,
So that I can take care,
Caring everytime is not so cool,
Either people will try to make you fool,
I know I'm not being fare,
But you will always be there,
I want you to hold my hand,
Want to walk on soft sand,
But every time I get scared,
What if I will not get you there,
Losing you is unbearable,
So I'll tie you cable,
Then I'll be fine,
Because you will be the property of mine...

.     .     .