Image by StockSnap from Pixabay 

She looks in the mirror,
the person she sees,
Is different than.
who she used to be.
She was beautiful,
She was happy,
She was cheerful,
She was jolly.
When she looks in the mirror now,
She had changed - when and how?
She is lost
She is aggressive,
She is high
She is impulsive.
Her lovely eyes turned to stone,
Her beautiful voice changed to moan.
She's in pain everyday,
Craving drugs in any way.
The innocent soul indulged in opioids,
The carefree child lost in polaroids.
This is the story of one of many,
The resemblance of all is just uncanny.
One is hidden inside a room,
One is consumed by the gloom.
One is master of all crimes,
One has lost all its shine.
High as ever they want to be,
Not caring for anybody.
Neither parents, nor the kids,
No one matters, no one fits.
What will happen to the youth,
Becoming the biggest drug booth.
Xanax cocaine and opium, they know,
Around these, their world grows.
The beautiful girl succumbed to cocaine,
Lost the love of the rain,
Never to be found again.
Never to be found again!!

.    .    .