Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

Born as the happiest human
With a soul filled with innocence
As we grow our emotions and feelings quench their thirst for curiosity
And learns a lot which slowly destroys the innocent
We learn to lie, to love, to be angry, and much more
The child who only knew to love once is no more
We learn from experiences they say
And thy must be true
For we love many and learn many things through the difficult way
We feel down and low and broken
But still we emerge with a fake smile and a heavy heart to keep thriving
We go on to live a life listening to people, following our passion and doubting ourselves a lot
The times we have felt insecure is many
But still we rise from it all and keep moving
We reach the time where no more doubts or insecurities seems to affect us
They say we have become mature
But they are wrong
The only time when nothing seems to affect us is our last moments on the earth
We die with a heart that had lost all of its innocence and is broken beyond repair
And when we die people smears us with words of love
Which they never said or expressed when they had the chance
When we were alive. 

.    .    .