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Don’t you people think that the word TABOO seems like a dangerous drug?? Which can cause you many mental and physical health issues? If you feel this so then you are on the right place because today we are going to talk about one such thing which has destroyed the life of many such person who want to do many great things but society stopped them on the name of traditional prohibitions/Taboo. A taboo is not a disease but yes it harms & hurts many people around us and sometimes it hurts to people who don’t even give a damn to such things as no matter how strong you are but when you are continuously pinched for your one action then one day or the other you feel that pain which you kept inside yourself and don’t let anyone know about that.

Today I am going to talk about one such taboo which revolves around our daily life in many ways. No matter how hard we try to not get affected by that but it does as the name of that taboo which is still going around us is about LGBTQ.

YES, You read it right it’s about one of the most powerful communities yet so weak communities in India whenever we see any transgender community people around we try to avoid our self from interacting with them we walk around seeing them and sometimes people do even worse they use to tease those people by the names of “chikne”/ “chakke”/ “gay”/ “hijde”….and what not the more slangs they get the more they use people use to underestimate their power they only invite them only on the special occasions like marriage, childbirth, and such other celebrations just to seek blessings from them but why do they even invite them once in a decade treat them like a God and then don’t talk to them for even once?

Who are LGBTQs?

If we talk about Hindu mythology then transgenders are referred to as SHIV-SHAKTI which means combination of one of the most powerful mythological couple god Shiva and goddess Parvati whose other name is described as Shakti. So, as they are referred as the combination of Shiva & Parvati they keep important in Hindu rituals as when people or things got connected to god people start worshipping them and respecting them and I think that’s the main reason why in different mythologies something or the other is connected with God so that people can respect them and treat them properly and people who don’t believe in god and goddesses and only believe in science and humanity they respect those things as a need or as a basic human behavior but still after all this there are people who refer them as curse.

And if we talk about them in a scientific manner they are just another creation of science who are born with typical male or female anatomies but feel as though they have been born into the “wrong body”. For example, a person who identifies as transgender may have typical male anatomy but feel like a female and seek to become female by taking hormones or electing to have sex reassignment surgeries. This is all real thing about LGBTQs

LGBTQs Normal Life:

If you ask about any transgender community people’s normal life you will hear their stories and will be surprised by knowing that the society around didn’t let them tell about themselves to anyone and they were always told to be quiet when asked about themselves their life is not so simple like us people they have always got much less privileges and rights than us just because they belong to a community about whom society has created a boundary to not tell about themselves so that people will be unaware of their life and treat them as a normal human being and they were also told to stay away from their kids so that their kids won’t be like them.

Knowing them:

If you feel that lesbians or transgender people are not human beings then I think you need to know more about humans so what if someone has some different anatomy than you and if they don’t talk in the way as you do? It doesn’t changes the fact that those people are not human beings they also have a heart which can be hurt by your senseless and harsh comments if you people care about animals so much then why not about a human being whose gender is just bit different from the commonly found two genders if you will talk to them you will get to know that they also have a heart which has so many emotions but as they don’t have access to any such platforms where they can open about themselves just like us it doesn’t mean that they don’t want to. Treating any living being not just male, female, transgender, or animal is a sign of humanity and not cruelty. Respecting each living being is our basic duty as a human it’s okay if you don’t love them but at least you can be nice to them and trust me it’s completely free and who knows that your one effort can make someone’s day???

I don’t say to do so extra with them but we can do the minimum level of goodness show them some kindness and help them if we can and also let them live their life on their own. As we are moving in the 21st century we have to normalize people living on their own terms because we cannot control anyone’s life and we need to understand this. And if you see any transgender around you be it your friend or relative’s house just tell them that its completely fine you are just another creation of God and you are also a human being don’t isolate yourself from things that keep a special place in your life.

Leading a normal life:

Living life in the normal way is everyone’s basic right and no one can take that away neither from you nor from anyone else and if anyone tries to do so just like any other normal human being you also have right to ask for your basic right and freedom which has been taken away from you. Yes, you can marry with whom so ever you want that too with mutual agreement and can do job and business in whichever company you want. Yes you can travel around the world whenever you want.

Yes you can do all these things whenever and with anyone you want to because before being a special power person, before being transgender before anything else you are a NORMAL HUMAN BEING first. You live the way you want to never take yourself for granted because you are more powerful than you could even imagine.

This is your place and you belong to this place always remember that.  

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