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Beauty lies in the gleam of your heart. There is much discrepancy between looking pulchritudinous and being pulchritudinous. In the present scenario, people are engrossed in fair-complexion. When we look through matrimonial announcements, it is irksome that the whole world wants to have a fair-complexioned bride or a groom. Purchase of fairness creams also demonstrates that people are monopolized with fair complexion.

To all intents and purposes, kosher beauty is nowhere else but in our minds. The complexion reaches only deep to the skin. Our performances and achievements depend on our ability. Beauty is someone who pleases our mind but the critical fault-finders of society have made it someone who is light-toned, well dressed, and well weighted. Some swarthies even feel ill on their dark complexion. They even miss job opportunities and are off and on, are made fun of. 

According to the outlet, a 14 year old adolescent committed suicide on the account of her classmates who pronounced her “UGLY” just because she was dark-toned. This was not the first time when swarthy had to face insult for their colour. Individuals suicide every year because of their dark complexion. You can come across a stereotype in many places that light-toned people are cordial whereas dark-toned people are mild. Some people also believe that light-toned people are quick on the uptake whereas people with dark complexion are mostly buffoons. To prove the statement wrong, there were many people with a dark complexion who changed the history of the world...

  • We all know about closed-circuit television ( CCTV ) that are used to record images and videos. They are of big help but have you ever wondered who came up with this? A black woman during the 1960s for the first prototype who was Marie Van Brittan Brown. 
  • The time when no black people stepped into the entertainment industry during the time of 1939, an African American woman, Hattie McDaniel won an Oscar for her film " Gone with the wind .”
  • Shirley Chisholm was the initial African American woman who became a congressional representative in the United States. This bought a big change in society's view of seeing women working as leaders.

Did you ever envision that what if we reverse this belief? What if we treat fair skin like dark skin? It all starts when the children are young. Your relatives come and say " Ohh! See your sister is darker than you. You're so fair, common get tanned! ” You will not be able to say something that time but then you will experience the same pain and insult a swarthy often faces.

As in India, people want to get a lighter shade of their skin and avoid going out in the sun; opposite to it, people in the western countries want to get tanned in the sun, which most Indians naturally are. They even use organic and chemical products to get tanned.

Khuodia Dilop, a Sangalese model is black as the colour " black " itself. She is proud of herself. She says that even if colour matters I feel to be lucky of being black. We all need to reverse our mindsets to become educated like Khuodia.

It is engraved in the heart of Indians that fair colour belongs to good people and is always satisfied with fair skin, but the ones with a dark complexion, think them to be unlucky. If this continues in the future then the hope for technology, and the hope of development will be broken in many hearts. So let's make an effort to say " NO TO COLOURISM " and stop people pointing out the differences in skin colours. COLOURISM is the silent beauty no one is telling about. Let us dare to discuss and get the answer to this " WHY "

Remember that,

“Beauty is not in the face, it lies in the gleam of our heart ”

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