You’re the dhedhas, you’re the shudras,
How you dare to walk on the road,
Wear the pot in your neck,
And don’t you dare to breath out of that,
Tie the bush on your back,
To wipe your filthy footsteps,
Cause we’ll burn in the hell,
If we breathe in the air you breathe,
If we step on your footsteps,
Oh Asur make quick steps,
And leave the place in instance,
And keep check on your dark friend,
It shouldn’t fall on any man,
Cause penalty is your end.
Education, development and kick away poverty,
To watch name of nation in highest grossing countries,
Some black cat must have crossed me,
Or someone must have sneezed,
Cause that’s why this bad luck,
Have swallowed all my dreams,
Instead of entrepreneurship,
We choosed slavery,
So how can we imagine,
Development in our dreams.
Where casteism has taken over everyone’s mind,
And people born shudras are below every line,
They’re Untouchable,
Like venom on their body,
But their girls and ladies,
Are like feast for everybody,
They’ve no choice, no rights,
They’re born for slavery,
Their life and their dignity,
Isn’t worth two rupees,
Cause gang rape and murder,
Is outcome if they speak,
And being born with fair skin,
Is biggest curse for them,
‘cause now they’re like Delicacy,
For Wolves around them,
If you wanna see the darkest face of our country,
Then have a glimpse at life history of shudras of our country. 

.    .    .