It is evident with the resignation of Mr. Rajgopal Reddy from the Congress MLA from the Munugode Assembly constituency that no political party leader is not for the people, they only change the parties to safeguard themselves or to protect their assets or businesses. He was distancing from the congress for quite a long period and he was very clear in his mind that one day or other he will join the BJP. When we look at the public pulse of the Munugode voters and everyone knew in the constituency that for the sake of his own interest Mr. Rajgopal Reddy will be joining BJP.

The BJP is thinking that the “ R” factor will work out for the BJP but it cannot be the same repetition of Huzurabad but certainly the BJP may improve its position. The BJP announced Sunil Bansal as the new in charge of BJP’s Telangana affairs. He has a very good proven record of success in bringing the BJP into power; His strategy may helpful for the party in strengthening the party in Telangana State. The BJP is confident that more prominent members of the TRS party will certainly join the party before the commencement of the elections. As we know Mr. Etela Rajender has made in charge of BJP Akarsh will be responsible for bringing the prominent members into BJP’s fold and his close contact with the TRS MLAs will certainly yield good results.

Interestingly the Congress also depends on Mr. Sunil Kanugolu strategist and the close associate of Prashanth Kishore and has a good reputation and joined congress very recently will plan for Munugode bye-elections and strengthen the prospects of the Congress party with the help of senior leaders in the next assembly and General Elections.

The Munugode Segment is being the Sympathizers and hard core of the Congress party and Communist Parties and the majority will invariably vote against BJP. The TRS may not make an impact in the elections in spite of all the promises it has to make and lure the people with welfare programmes .

As we are aware that Mr. KCR Astute is a politician and he will make his own strategy and will certainly focus more unlike like Huzurabad elections but maybe work out differently. Today KCR planning a public meeting that certainly will make an impact of the voters in casting their votes in favour of TRS.

 The voters of the Munugode constituency are very clever and intelligent people and they wish to bring back again the congress Candidate. What Mr. Rajgopla Reddy says is that only after resigning from the party the constitution will develop as he is joining the opposition, not the ruling party. It looks to everyone that the image he has gained all the years in Mungode may be lost in course of time.

The Congress organized well in advance the public meeting in chanduru at Mungode and instilled confidence among the voters that the congress can only win if everyone united to accomplish the task. They have organized Mandal level meetings well in advance.Mr. Amit Shaw proposed a public meeting on Sunday immediately after the KCR public meeting and most likely many prominent members may join their fold.

The Three parties are focusing on the Bye Elections and taking its prestigious than before and they wanted to showcase their strength by winning the elections and which will be certainly a referendum for the upcoming Assembly elections and General elections.

Let's wait and watch who will be the winner in the much-hyped Munugode constituency.

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