Image by jplenio from Pixabay 

Grow more trees, let the art and artist
draw muse from it,
Again let the heavenly nature
transform a wanderer into
Wordsworth, Shelley or Keats.

Grow more trees, irretrievably feel like
The most blessed organism alive,
Although your pockets didn’t
have even the most
inconspicuous of currency coin.

Grow more trees, handsomely evict
yourself from the
sanctimonious cigar smoke and wine,
letting the pious
energy of your soul, gush out like streaks
Of torrential lightning in the kingly sky.

Grow more trees, bountifully
embrace the winds of mesmerising
Peace and evergreen
happiness, for infinite more birth of
yours yet to unveil,
Grow more trees, timelessly transform all
Traces of maniacally obsessive behaviour,
into an unsurpassable
Sea of heavenly sensuousness.

Grow more trees, let the indiscriminate
stab holes of lecherous traitors,
be washed forever with the
endlessly forgiving fountain of mother nature.

Grow more trees, let the omniscient mantra of
Irrefutably culminating from your splendidly
purposeful and patriotically dedicated stride.

.    .    .