Image by Pexels from Pixabay 

Dear time, why do you hate me 
Do you like to see me in agony,
Does it make you smile ,
Watching me suffocate in web of lies.

Does it make you laugh,
That I'm nothing among the rest of all,
Why can't you slow down,
Help me to stand up from where I'm now.

Could you please wait for me,
To reach the destination, to where I belong,
Why do you put me through all this pain?
Mention just one treasure, from this, you will gain.
Please stop, maybe just slow down,
Maybe just wait for me to stand up from the ground.

Just a moment,will it hurt?
More than all the pain running through my blood?
Please? Will you be on my side? My beside?
For just one moment in your eternal life?
Will you let me strive?

.     .     .