Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

For two years we were close,
but never we talk,
And then comes the farewell day,
When we both were caught,
You asked me how am I,
I replied 'I'm fine',
Then you gave a smile,
a smile rare to find,
Then you got busy with your friends,
And I got with mine,
Then you captured your moments,
And I captured mine,
You're memories captured,
Mine memories captured,
But our moments still,
Awaiting to be captured,
And then comes the time,
When you were all mine,
Then we captured pics,
Which only are now mine,
Dab scribble and various poses,
Those frame hold as whole,
I don't know but my heart says,
They're still very close,
Luckily those pics are
still very close,
But unlucky is the person
who is not so,
Surpassing her feelings,
She went away so far,
That unreachable is she,
And her shadow as her part.

.    .    .