Photo by JÉSHOOTS:

(The number you’ve dialed is not answering.

Leave a message after the beep )
Remember when we were younger
We’d talk all day about high school
you delineated as I listened carefully,
noted the scar on your right elbow
remember when we were a little less younger
You narrated all night the tale of your toxic ex
I noticed the hickey over your collar bone
you, promptly, asked about my job, ah respite
remember when we got a little more older
the polaroid's turned pale as we drifted apart
guess I saw you at the concert of our fav band
with your friend, in the twinkling flashlight
so can you call me tonight?
to visit the street where you fell
off your bike, hurt your joint ,pick up
lets walk under the golden evening sky,
hand-in-hand, get a little more bolder
crushing the decaying copper leaves
live the fay tale, call it a joie de vivre
then go have more penne, blither and
let me souvenir your larynx ,as i sit by
the virgin sharp canines, beyond your grins
relish the sudor glow above your brow
take a break from verity, gauge the dark abyss
embedded spot on your iris
so can you call me tonight?
(The number you’ve dialed is switched off.
Please try again later)

.    .    .