Image by Peter H from Pixabay 

It feels like you're sitting
on the couch with your
feet on my thigh with fingers
covered with nachos masala
it feels like I touch your knee
every time I take the first gear
while you roll down the windows
on an overcast breezy day
it feels like a warm wet blow of air
in my ear like you whispered
'let's get out of here'
to have that belgian choc brownie
it feels like your hair's on my face
every time I go under the archway
through lavender scented curtains
brushing silk on my skin
it feels like you hold my arm
when i see a barking dog
daunting you on the street
to raju's chai tapri
but as i adjust focus of my sight
get back to my senses
there's no one
and I dont miss you
not at all
.   .   .