Image by Roberto Lee Cortes from Pixabay 

It is rightly stated that "Something is better than nothing". Although, in a utopian concept, everything is better rather, it is the best. The Oxford dictionary states that utopia is "an imagined place or society where everything is perfect." I believe that the term 'utopia' can be perceived differently by everyone. For example, in a school, if all students receive highest aggregate scores, the school would be considered as a utopia or perfect place by the parents. For old-aged people, the love of their children towards them is utopic.

However, my vision of utopia is completely different. For me, the world would become the best place if a considerable amount of humanity prevails. If each human does not become the replica of one of the six humans mentioned in "The Cold Within" by James Patrick Kinney, our society would become perfect. If humans overcome the petty barriers of religion, caste, class, race and gender that divides us, the state of things would be wonderful. Humans should not allow their selfishness, malice, hatred and prejudice to dictate their actions and rather become a 'ray of hope' for each other.

Some people say to bridge the gap between poor and rich is evitable and impossible but I firmly believe that in utopia 'Everything is possible'. The vision to bring equality in the society on the basis of economic, political, or social status is all utopia beholds. I think when foreign relations would be carried out in a peaceful manner and war would be thought of as 'an useless affair' in the minds of people, the world would become a marvelous place to dwell in.

An end to deforestation, wildfires, volcanic eruptions, and other natural calamities would bring peace and order in the society. According to me, when mass extinction ends and humans are able to live their lives happily, society would become a joyful place with goodness all around. When humans would 'grow a tree, save a life', instead of eliminating trees for their own selfish interests, everything would become better. Mother Nature will praise humans for their kind works and receive heavenly blessings. The Governments and dictators would work for the people and corruption would come to an end in my 'utopian' world.

'Failure is just a part of success'. Dear readers, if you think my utopic vision is not completely possible, firstly, we all, as humans, can at least try to dream about the vision. Then, as it is truly said that dreams can be achieved if worked upon with all dedication and hard work. Therefore, instead of ignoring the possibilities of making our world 'utopic', we should all get united, be 'humans' created by God and try our best to make Earth a better place to live for us and the generations ahead.

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