Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay 

Life caught me
That too, red-handed
I was taking a sigh of relief
Life found it beyond belief
Wrenching nerves and stretching limits
All the targets taking timely hits
Decades of race Hardest to face
Bearing pain in every bone
Grueling work and a feel to groan
Did all with passion
Keeping wins in succession
When it came to live the glory
Life said, "Thou shall be told a different story"
Taking pride in all I possessed
O Life! Why do you feel stressed
Let me live with unchallenged authority
Contentment, let me make my priority
Reading newspaper with a coffee mug
Winter sunshine giving me a hug
Now I deserve a fairy tale
Not allowing my dreams look so frail
Remembering youth, A curve on my lips drew
I allowed the memories brew
Felt proud of my marvels
Journey of Decades,
Now reaping the harvest
The demon named life had something else in store
Saving for me all the challenges galore
When I felt it was time to retire
Life planned to see me in a different attire
Running the last lap Willing to see the recap
A peaceful climax all I did expect
Life was carrying the stamp to reject
Testing me seemed life's passion
Relieved me was not to be in the fashion
Dreams one lives for is a horrendous trap
When life is the judge It's nothing but all crap
Children married and settled abroad
Partner left for heavenly abode
Last nail in the coffin, life struck
Cancer it was, snatched every buck
Lying on the hospital bed
With all the hope fled
Recalling the course of action
Was it my avarice even for a fraction?
Where did I commit the error?
Unrelenting hard work I did, I swear
Children's wishes were all I aimed
My Resilience got the finances tamed
Not rewards only did the Journey brought
Humongous relinquishment from me it sought
Hair greyed, skin wrinkled Lost exuberance, fatigue sprinkled
Accepting all I kept on Running
Life said, "Thou, shall receive a different offering"
Life caught me That too, red-handed
I was taking a sigh of relief
It was way beyond life's belief
I surrendered for a peaceful death
Fathoming life taking my last breath.
I am perplexed On the life's pretext
I took my last breath With a question
O Life! What sin was it?
To be true towards you.
O Life! Thou shalt not err again Meek acceptance and sulking pain
I believed in you
Reasons were not few
But you carry a different universe
My sigh of relief, u assumed it a curse
O Dear life! U owe me a lot
U have a lot to reimburse
Now it's my turn
Let me play the judge
I wonder why u slew my soul
Come on! The path of repentance u trudge
U take it as if u caught me red-handed
Now it's my turn to leave you stranded
Leaving this Earthly Cage Of Life
As light as a feather, no strife.

.     .     .