Introduction to the safety from Covid-19 Infection

The purpose of the study is to explore the methods and techniques to avoid the infection and offer people an effective solution to eliminating the infection permanently from the current social structure. The study is to describe the things to be done and things to be avoided and the permanent solution through vaccination and medication will also be described in the current study. The need to develop effective guidelines is important for managing society with no infection. 

Things to be avoided while being outside home

The people go outside to fulfill the need of the daily necessity and the infection of normal coronavirus affects the moving population (Mossa-Bashmet al., 2020). The government has imposed restrictions on the movement of the people but it is not a permanent solution. The people of the community need to undertake necessary precautions to avoid further infection. 

Doing things that can prevent the infection and secure the health from the COVID in the public places

Cleaning the hands while being outside is considered to be an important way to avoid the impact of infection. Hands need to be washed every time and at the time of entering the house using soap, water, and alcohol-based hand rub and use locally build an application to track the COVID instances (Morley et al., 2020). It is necessary to maintain 1 m of distance from other people to avoid the risk of infection. It is also to avoid the person who is sneezing, coughing, and speaking. Wearing a mask needs to make a normal habit and also advise others to use the habit (WHO, 2020). It is necessary to appropriately store and clean the mask based on the requirement. Mask me to cover my mouth, nose, and chin. Meeting with approval needs to be done outside the closed environment. The virus-free environment is to be used (WHO, 2020). If the person feels unwell it is important to take the advice of the doctor immediately. Infected people need to stay at home and isolate themselves with the minor symptoms of coughing, headache, and fever.

Avoiding things to prevent the self and others from the Covid-19 infection outside the home

The world health organization directed the people to avoid masks with valves as the infection enters through it. It is also asked to avoid crowded places (Huang et al., 2020). The temperature of the air conditioner needs to be kept at the appropriate level. It is necessary to avoid inadequately ventilated spaces where the possibility of infection is higher. It is also to avoid people with infection, coughing, and having fever. The crowded indoor space is to be avoided. It is also necessary to avoid touching the mouth, nose, and eyes while being outside the home. The contaminated hand can cause infection through the mouth, nose, or eyes. 

Vaccination and immunity-based medication to prevent COVID infection

The scholars and scientists have put forward their best effort to bring about the solution for preventing novel coronavirus breaking the previous record of making a vaccine within a few months of the spread of normal coronavirus. Several vaccines into the market have offered reliable solutions to the problems. The use of vaccines and medicine for boosting immunity can be a useful source of infection and make society virus-free.

Two doses of vaccine a necessity to prevent COVID-19 infection from further spreading in self and others

According to the world health organization, equitable access to safe and effective vaccines is critical to sending the covid-19 pandemic. The world health organization encourages many organizations to fulfill the requirement of people through making the vaccine. In their approach to the vaccine, taking vaccination doses can help to develop the community capacity to prevent the infection and curb its move within the society (WHO, 2021). The vaccine is advisable and the majority of the people and community have accepted the need for vaccines. Vaccine develops the new immune system within the body to wrestle against the virus. 

The proper awareness regarding the vaccine and the vaccine center is to be communicated to the people of the community. Society needs to have reliable information regarding the vaccine and disseminate the information to the common people (WHO, 2021). Vaccination can be a permanent solution to the existing problem of infection. A fully vaccinated person can contract the virus and will not be infected with the virus. It is also important to be aware of the real side effects of the vaccine. In the post-vaccination, the minor issue is that a person comes up with a headache, fatigue, fever, chills, muscle pain, diarrhea, and pain at the injection site. The people need to take the vaccine to have a permanent solution to the problem. 

The use of immunity-boosting based products and foods can be beneficial in protecting the body from infection

It is necessary to use healthy and fresh immunity-boosting vegetables and fruits to avoid the infection from the novel coronavirus. Supplements and vitamins can also be useful to manage infection. The intake of food and supplement with the content of vitamin B, C, and D along with zinc can help to boost the immune system and fight against coronavirus infection (Medicinenet, 2021). Vitamin C can be useful to manage the nutritional requirement of the body to manage the immune system and effectively enhance the capability to fight against infection. Supplements containing vitamin C can be used by anyone even if he or she is healthy enough. Vitamin E improves the blood cells and with calcium and phosphorus levels in the blood. It will decrease the chances of respiratory tract infection. Vitamin B complex is considered to be an effective element to enhance the immune system (Medicinenet, 2021). Taking it with their diet can be highly effective to manage the immune capacity to prevent the noble coronavirus infection. It is the use of contents of B complex from fortified cereals that will help in managing the good body balance. The syrup or tablet containing zinc will help to avoid nasal congestion, sore throat, national drainage, and cough. 

Conclusion to the study with a message to secure the human population

It can be said that it is necessary to take an active step toward self-protection and be responsible toward others to protect others in this extreme crisis. The use of preventive measures is significant and needs to be taken with precaution. Each individual needs to comply with the rules and regulations and remain prepared to follow the self-protection measures. The use of vaccines is found to be a permanent solution to the existing problem and it will help to manage the existing issue within the society. The use of immunity-based products and foods can be influential in managing the infection. The use of self preventive measure vaccines and immunity-based food products can help society to be free from the virus. Human beings must act responsibly in their place to eliminate the pandemic.

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