Proceeding for the voyage to discover and expose the complexity, among the people of different generations. Nobody can deny the fact that people who lie between the age scale of 15 to 25 are the most hustling ones. But on the contrary, they are the most misunderstood ones. Individuals, who are of these ages, presently atrociously dealing physically as well as mentally in this modern 21st century with the specific agendas. There are many factors which are responsible for these occurences i.e. the sudden changes in the technologies; social customs and norms; drastic changes in people’s lifestyles; etc, which incentivise present generation to pursue these physical pursuits at any cost, meanwhile the state of mentalities of mid 20th century generation are on the eastern side where the state of mentalities of late 20th century and early 21st century generation are on the western side, therefore their ideologies contradict with each other. If we interpret the term “Today’s labyrinth”, then it has been portraying the generation gap between these generations as construed above. Let us proceed to unravel this concept with a practical sense, like, the generation gap between today’s parents and their young offsprings depicts the most misunderstood as well as challenging situations for both of them, because parents expect their children to behave or perform in a specific manner as they used to do in their childhood or adulthood but the young ones are not that much capable to withstand their expectations, because this young generation is impulsive, sensible and pessimistic as well as optimistic at the same time, meanwhile most of the revolutionary changes(social, technical, biological, psychological or etc) has been ascertained during the period when this young generation was being brought upon by their elder ones. These events are influencing the minds of people where peace of mind is not a priority anymore.

We, the young ones are very much narcissistic in nature when it comes to our fantasies which include our desires, physical pursuits, lifestyle, exclusiveness, etc. but eventually we are interrupted or criticised by the ones on whom we are relied the most (parents or guardians) and this leads to some extent of mental distortion because the level of our parents’ thinking is not compatible with our level of thinking. In their era, being a multi-tasking one was like, getting oneself drowned in the deep sea of failure and it was ascertained only by the people of that generation, but at the mean time, being a multi-tasking one is like a cherry on the top of everything. One must scatter like a light in multiple dimensions to excel in their lives in this modern 21st century. On the other hand, intentionally our parents are of the view that their children must be secured from all the negative aspects of this world for the sake of their upcoming well settled lifestyle and necessarily to maintain certain level of reputation of their own meawhile we cannot blame parents for having this concern. So, in order to protect their offsprings, they keep on pressurizing them and as an outcome, some youngsters take it as a motivation but some of them just lose their respective self-esteem. Every individual is unique in itself and that’s the beauty of universe. One must be wise enough to balance the idealism with today’s reality. Total inclination towards reality will lead to no value of morals and on the contrary, total inclination towards idealism will lead to heavy delusions, so therefore, balance is the key. No matter what age we are of, understanding one’s authenticity must be reserved by all of us.

Now the point is, the young ones’ minds are totally influenced and confused by these drastic changes in their lives. It has been really difficult for innate minds to develop that level of understanding to accept these modern customs along with the changes in certain social institutions. Youngsters also want their parents to understand the amount of confusion they’re carrying all at once but it does not happen on the maximum criteria where parents are also too much adamant to accept the fact that they also need to learn more about the social ethics and customs and also, how to do upbringing of the child according to this mutable world. Such kind of events do not let the compatibility flourish between parents and their children.

At present times, people approach counselors to talk about their problems and get the solution out of it. How ironical it is, everything is available around us if we have the capacity to perceive things in an impressive unusual manner but still we run to chase our fantasies by ignoring our inner capabilities. Ethics play a vital role in this matter and both generations must have specific level of patience to understand the importance of three Ts in our lives i.e. Trust, Talking and Truth. Honestly, every relationship is based on this mantra of three Ts. If there would be lacking any of Ts in any relationship then eventually the most stumbled one will suffer the most. Parents need to open up with their children so that they can have the best guides in this cynical world and that’s how we can make this habitat, a better place to live in.

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