Image by Majharul Islam from Pixabay 

‘What can I do for India?’ Such an introspective query requires a healthy dose of self-retrospection, accompanied by self-awareness. One must delve into the deepest part of their soul and mind to nit-pick their day-to-day activities, the intentions, and the consequence of these activities.

India is abstract; objectively speaking it is lines and borders on maps but is brought to life by the thousands of individuals roaming its brimming streets. India is its people. So, I believe that doing something for the country is equivalent to what one does for their immediate community and oneself.

Looking at an economic point of view, India has ample human resources waiting to be utilized efficiently. Politically, it is true that lawmakers indeed have greater power in bringing positive changes in society, but we should not underestimate the powers of the common man either. Our job is not finished with voting for our representatives. We too can contribute and assist in numerous ways. Thousands of people contributing their bit from different parts of the country are bound to cause a ripple effect that will bring a significant and indisputable change. For better or worse remains to be seen.

India has no shortage of ailments that require a dire need for a cure. Be it poverty, corruption, or failing infrastructure. These ailments are the daily reality of people like you and me. They are the source of the afflictions of every Indian. With no shortage of people, the list of these ailments is also a mile long. The feat of curing India is a humongous one and each of us must do our bit. So, this is the day I have chosen to follow down this rabbit hole. I am determined to ascertain the status of our fellow countrymen. I shall sit at my desk and nit-pick our actions and ideas in the present time and compare them to the heroic actions of the past and the necessary actions required to bring forth a glorious future.

The actions of the time gone past have had such tremendous effects that we are still enjoying its fruits decades later. All actions need not be grand. Not all of us can have the bravado and confidence. And it is perfectly all right. After all, the foot soldiers of the Dandi March had not initiated it but their presence and support is what made it a huge success. The audience of great freedom fighters would have just been sitting and listening to their speeches, but their presence emboldened the speakers, assuring them that someone was listening to them. As change begins at home small actions like helping the homeless in the neighbourhood with food and blankets and feeding the stray animals might not be a leap but surely will be a step, a step towards a better community, a better India.

India can be fixed by the ideology- by the people, for the people. People will serve people and will stand beside the needy ones in difficult times. The past pandemic has provided us with a generous amount of opportunities for the very same. From making an extra portion of your meal to serve to the poor, donating your unused, unexpired medicines, or making sure that the education of your domestic help’s children has not been discontinued due to economic difficulties, there are thousands of small changes or rather an addition we can make to our daily routine that will ensure the wellbeing of others.

The past difficult times had been a learning opportunity rather than a crippling obstacle. It was the stepping stone towards recognising the power that lay within us. It is inscrutable and undefeatable strength, optimism, and plain survival instincts that helped to see through a pandemic.

But tough times are, unfortunately, not a matter of the past. The road to an illustrious India is scattered with numerous hurdles and overcoming each hurdle will only display our yearning for success.

The fire of riots and violence-prone gatherings makes it difficult to meet the eyes of others. Rather than serving as a beacon of enlightenment the flames have represented India in the most disturbing light. And yes it's India I am addressing as singling out any religion will only cause further discontentment. One can have multiple identities, but they need to be prioritized. Similarly, one can practice their religions by following the laws of the land that they habitat, the roads they travel on, and the government that serve them. Ignorance will give way to debilitating chaos which is harmful to man's survival.

Hence, there exists a necessity to resort back to peace as it is essential for survival, and choosing not to do so will be like burning the pages of the book on mankind. Mercifully, India’s constitution is based on awakened men's thoughts, and it provides enough leeway to adjust and accommodate all. It's us who complicates matter not an inanimate yet powerful book.

Practicing the laws penned by men of flesh and blood but a mind that is hundreds of years ahead is the legacy of India. India must be known to reside by the learned and respectable citizenry and not bloodthirsty hooligans. With such a negatory attitude how can we dispel the Britishers' original intent of colonizing to tame us? In such a precarious environment, other shrews can cash in this opportunity and irreversible harm will be inflicted. The country shall be enfeebled. Hence, the utmost priority of any Indian is to work for the country and not against it.

The social hierarchy is well-rigid in our belief-ridden country, but it is high time that we place our reservations aside and look at each other as people, humans. It can be an action as small as a smile but to a child loitering alone on the sides of a dangerous street, it might be a special moment. Accolades and kudos to those who conduct rallies and create enough ruckus to draw the attention of the masses to the prevalent issues of the society, and to those who send satellites and rockets to space with India’s mark stamped on it. But also accolades and kudos to that little boy in Dharamshala who poked people with his broken toy to remind them to mask up while he himself wore a mask but was barefoot. His pure heart urged him to do what was right.

Every small and big act is a fountain of inspiration, a call for every one of us to wake up and support each other. The will and determination we tap into to do something altruistic will ascertain that our actions will have a fruitful result. Whispers of 139 crore Indians will create a cacophony that will reverberate through the rest of the world.

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