Image by kholisrevenge from Pixabay 

The very concept of unknowns for most people is based on knowledge which further depends differently on exposures. But in reality the unknown is not like darkness that dwells but rather it is more like a shadow that is created by our very own knowledge. We see different people doing very well in something, maybe a kid painting or a poet mesmerizing everyone with his verses which makes it special. They speculate through their imagination driven by their curiosity that makes them take leaps of success. There are ideas staring deep in our eyes but with curiosity and imagination one can connect these in ways nobody ever thought and this is the very thing that differentiates a genius from others. All people are born talented. Nobody is talentless but they are buried deep inside us unknowingly. Through imagination anyone can reach them and curiosity conjures them turning them into something majestic. A person who is always imaginative and curious will let his mind wander and drift off in search of something new. We all are surrounded by the light of knowledge but imagination drives our minds and curiosity empowers one to work at the edge of the dark igniting the vision, creating something off the charts no one ever thought of. 

There is a famous quote of Albert Einstein that

"I have no special talent but I'm a passionately curious person"

A curious and imaginative person tends to understand the world no matter what use it might have which leads to the roots and breeding land of everything that defines the world around us breaking the barrier between known and unknown, light and dark bringing peace and a harmonious insight. So take a leap of faith in realms of imagination with a subtle touch of curiosity and embark your influence for the generations after by breaching into the unknown.

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