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A Quiet River. Calmly flowing. There’s not much activity, as it’s 2:30 PM and everyone is taking a nap after lunch. But two stubborn fishes refrain from sleeping as this is the only time they get to smoke weed. Their eyes are blazing red and there’s a sense of maturity on their faces. They’re having a deep discussion.

FISH 1: “Where is that water that everyone keep talking about?”

FISH 2: “I’ve no Idea. Maybe there’s no such thing as water.”

Ironically, on land, the Man asked the same question about God.

Almost 14 Billion years ago, the Universe came into existence. The Source of creation decided to have its own little play, therefore it created this vast multiverse. I don’t want to go too deep into science, but all I can say is that this existence is nothing but a beautiful, beautiful thought. Somewhere around 300,000 years ago, Homo-Sapiens aka Humans came into existence. The most advanced creature in this entire pan of existence. But who knew that this ‘Advanced’ creature would lead to the degradation of the same beautiful Idea that was once thought.

Human civilization has progressed a lot since existence. We’re a specie that evolved on daily basis. We’re the most advanced part of existence because we have the power to make our own actions, decisions. Unlike every other creature in this entire pan of existence, we’re not just surviving…we’re living. Plants, Animals, Insects, Aliens, Creatures from extra-terrestrial, human-like creatures...every other thing in this existence is surviving. The lizard eats all of the flies not just to fill her belly but also because she wants everyone to be dead so that she doesn’t end up anyone’s meal. Same is with the Lion, Tiger, Dog, Bird, Worm, and Bee. Everyone has their own coping mechanism to survive. Some fight and eat others, some run away, some hide in plain sight, some end up helpless, some are rescued…but everyone is surviving. But Humans, no. We’re living. We create our own course of action.

But today I am going to talk about one of the most important yet dangerous part of our lives. This part of our life has the power to take us beyond the workings of the Universe. From being a part of the existence, it can make us the source of existence. But I call it dangerous for a reason. Because of this, millions of humans, animals, plants and other creatures have been exposed to Riots, Murders, Communal slaughters, Crimes, Fraud, Laundering etc. It is self-contradictory, that something which is so powerful that it can take us away from all the violence, adultery and every suffering there is, has become the reason for so many hideous crimes, big or small. I am talking about Religion.

“Our Scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We’ve guided missiles and misguided men.” - Martin Luther King Jr.

Religion is practiced all over the world. 78% of the global population practices some form of religion. Religion is one of the most deeply ingrained concepts in our mind. Not to mention the so called “atheists” because they’re just ignorant. We learn about religion very early in our lives. In fact most of us our born in between religious ceremonies. From getting Pregnant to the birth of the child there are various ceremonies or rituals that are practiced in many religions like, ‘Celebrating life entering the fetus’, ‘Burying the Placenta’, ‘Shaving off head’, ‘Circumcision’ etc. Likewise, there are many things that are done when the person dies. I totally respect every ritual, but we’re missing something really fundamental. Today, I’ll talk about dark side of religion.

In the Lower Paleolithic Period, right after humans came into existence, archeologists have found the birth of religious ideas. But what we don’t realize is that Religion is just a result of spiritual ideas spread through Chinese whispers. Derivatives gone wrong. Intentionally and Unintentionally. The meaning of religions was very different originally. I might sound harsh, but today’s religion mostly is people mending truth to their own benefit. Religion can never be as advanced as us because we are its creators. For to create something, one has to be beyond it. Similarly, humans are beyond and more logical than any religion because they’re the creators of it. But now we are getting enslaved to our own creation. Like Humans and Technology. Why?

I can also answer the trail of questions I displayed by laying out deep facts from ancient Spiritual texts, experiences, Research, facts that would transcend any religious idea out there. But my mission is to let humans understand and use their own logic to correct what they’ve ruined.

It is the basic instinct of any life form to survive in the worst of the conditions. It will continue to fight to exist. The instinct to survive, when used against your own self, results in the destruction. Religion is a topic where humans find themselves most vulnerable. This is the point where Humans are ready to consciously put their logic aside and surrender to whatever Idea they’re presented with. The reason being, Religion is the only place where humans find themselves searching for security throughout their life and that they will be protected when they meet their ultimate truth. Death. But little do they know, that the face of the religion today doesn’t have the power to do so. It can give you faith, a sense of hope but won’t take you away from Pain, suffering and the harshness of life. It won’t end you search for truth and will always keep you away from it. Religion cannot do that because Religion is not a practice, it is a pathway.

All Religious texts, books, Hymns, lore, stories, myths, concepts, and facts talk about two things if summarized:

  1. Being in the Physical body is temporary. Death is the birth of the truth.
  2. Sense of Spirituality is the only way to know that truth.

Then what good is any religion? Religion is Important as long as it keeps your heart pure. What is meant by Purity of heart? Not polluting the heart. What is heart? Our thoughts. Everything starts here, from thoughts. Every genius invention and every hideous crime was once a thought which later was put into action. Having no such thoughts about self or others is purity of heart.

Like Lying, speaking untruth for your own personal benefit. It creates impurity in heart as it is taking you away from the truth, which is human’s only purpose.

Stealing. Getting jealous of something which is possessed by someone else. It always need not to be a jewel or money. It can be Ideas, personality, words, and effort. Stealing creates impurity in heart because it gives you a sense that you’re not complete or enough by yourself. Thus, takes out away from truth.

Violence. Causing anyone harm either through thoughts, words or actions. Not just other humans, but every animal, insect or creature that has life. This involves killing of animals for taste, disrespecting someone else’s feelings by speaking harsh words or deliberately creating situations to make others feel bad. This creates impurity in heart as it makes you the reason of someone’s problems, sadness.

Adultery/Intoxication. Drugs, Smoking, Alcohol, Weed etc. Intoxication slows down the power of your mind and creates addiction. The mind is capable enough of holding this very existence within itself. Something so powerful is being deliberately destroyed for the ‘sense of fun’. Thus, takes you away from self.

Lust. A great sin. Having sexual thoughts about someone else, having partners outside the promise of your love. Lust takes the control of your mind from your hands. It creates impurity as it invokes a sense of aggressiveness in heart about sex. Something which only animals have. When pleasure takes the form of forced addiction. Thus, takes you away from your true self.

Now these 5 sins are not born out of any one religious book. It is mentioned in Hinduism, Sikhism, Christianity, Islam, Jainism, Buddhism, Taoism, Stoicism etc. That is what pure heart means. That is the Religion in its true form. This is the beginning of the Pathway. Here’s how.

Religion is supposed to make us god-loving person. But Religion practiced like today has made us god-fearing person. There is no point in being scared of your own parents. Spirituality begins with purity, Religion ends at Purity. After you’re pure, completely pure, the mind and logic will be powerful enough to realize the right way to worship. It would no longer depend on fixed ideas. It will realize its personal relationship with god which has nothing to do and will always be superior to every fixed sense of idea out there. We are just like dogs playing fetch. God threw the stick and now it wants us to return. The Stick being the love and wisdom we need to get back. It’s time for us to be the best dogs and play the best fetch.

There are many examples where you can see People using Religion for their own benefit. It’s not like I am targeting any particular religion, it is just me telling humans to stop being assholes.

For ex. Taste. There’s a festival in Islam called “Eid-Al-Adha’ also called ‘Bakri Eid’ (The festival to sacrifice the lives of goats) is a classic example of people using Religion for their benefit of taste. Islam is really a deep religion that talks about the depth of devotion if understood in the right way. I’ve read a lot about Islam like I read about any other religion. But Islam NEVER talks about killing or life sacrifice. There’s this whole story behind it.

In short, “The day honors Prophet Ibrahim’s Sacrifice (also knowns as Abraham). It is believed that he was tested by god to sacrifice his only son. Ibrahim followed the command and was ready to sacrifice his son. God intervened during the act and a lamb was sacrificed instead of Ibrahim’s son.”

Every year Muslims celebrate this day to remember Prophet’s loyalty and devotion towards god. It is marked by sacrificing a lamb or an animal which is later divided into three parts. One share is kept for home, and rest is given to poor and needy.

It thought a lot about this. I meditated a lot on this. I realized that the story is to celebrate devotion and loyalty. Then why is killing animals a part of this?

If we view it truthfully, Prophet’s sacrifice was resembled our own sacrifice of something which we hold dear. It could be our ego, our behavior, our habit, our personality…any bad trait that is coming as an obstacle between us and the truth almighty. That’s what devotion is. Ready to lose everything that we may possess over one glance of the Allah, god, almighty, the source of existence. This ‘Sacrifice’ is the act of Purity we talked about earlier in those 5 things that create an impure heart because no one, absolutely no one can even take a step towards god without a pure heart. So how come a goat, that just came last night, became so dear and close to the heart that it became the obstacle in the journey towards god. It is clearly, Religion being used for the Benefit of taste. A Pathway misled.

Not just Islam, Hindus do it for Maa Kali. Now it is very shameful for everyone who associates god, the purest of all, the most loving, with something cruel like this. No one can change my views on this. This is a way where you can understand the difference between right and wrong. If any religion, spiritual practice, text, hymn, lore asks you to take someone’s life for any powerful, emotional, historical, devotional reason…it is something to be looked away from and use your logical mind. Even if god itself comes down and asks me to do it, I would rather accept hell for the rest of my existence than kill an animal for any sort of reason.

Every Religion is a pathway to spiritual practice. Something which will unite us with the supreme. Like Dhikr (Recitation) of the Holy name in Islam. What Dhikr is in Islam, Japa is in Hinduism, Sumiran is in Sikhism, Recitation in Christianity, Buddhism etc. Constantly remembering the supreme and keep drenching ourselves in its name.

Like Dhyan (Meditation/Contemplation). Dhyan is a concept in Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism etc. Dhyan is the most important aspect of spirituality.

Religion was made to guide us towards truth. We should stop ourselves to believe everything if we are not able to derive sense out of it. Your relationship with your god is very personal. Your God doesn’t care if you offer water on idol, or visit mosque 5 times a day, or read holy books every time. All god needs is you to remember him with gratitude, love and a sense of curiosity to know him. Wrongful practice has become a part of our conditioning and we have to unlearn. It is time for us to play the best fetch and be the best dogs. It is better to return with the stick (love) and be loved than being lost in the chaos and not returning at all. Humanity is the only religion we need to stick to. And if you come across an atheist who wants to debate just ask them to explain death and you’ll win.

On land, a man, not high, not drunk, sitting at ease having coffee asked another man.

MAN 1: Where is that god that everyone keeps talking about?

MAN 2: I have no idea. Maybe he doesn’t exist.

Weirdos god’s everywhere. You’re practically living inside it.

.    .    .