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Religion is the most common and popular issue in today's time especially in India where riots unfold, weird but yes mostly during the time of ELECTIONS. People can solely do anything in the name of their religious beliefs and so the people who can make these people fool for their gains.

People who take religion seriously without knowing its actual meaning most probably get hurt listening to the thoughts of other people. On this Earth of more than 7 billion people, it should be understood that everyone does not like the food of the same plate. Many people like a bitter guard, not easy to believe for me too.

Religion was supposed to unite people on account of the similarities of its teachings. It was supposed to make people respect and help each other. To do good deeds and spread happiness. And the most important point is that ALL ARE EQUAL and that EVERY OCCUPATION AND PROFESSION IS IMPORTANT. Despite its positive teachings people have made their rituals, beliefs, castes, and taboos which as a result pave the path for divide and rule which Britishers used and so the political parties of today are using.

 Let's come back to where we started "Riots in India unfold mostly during elections ". The beginning of elections means the start of threats and terrorism. This is solely because of the loopholes in the people's understanding of religion which the political leaders take the advantage of. There are Hindu-Muslim riots almost every 2 - 3 years following the win of the party which supports the majority religion and the same is the true reason for the quarrel too. However, people despite understanding their strategy are ready to destroy the religious beliefs of the minority. We all need to understand that Humanity is religionlove is religion, and everything else that makes us ONE is religion.

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Moreover, no God is more or less powerful. All the human forms of God that we know are the disciples of the true eternal God and not God themselves. We need to learn from their writings, and life and not worship them." Worship the true eternal God" which is a power, the Supreme Consciousness that exists and is visible in our works done for other's happiness.

Following the statistical terms, the State is mostly misled on the terms of religion in Uttar Pradesh and one might know, that it is the hotspot and the main hub of political leaders and Politics.

For the reflected reason, People there should be united before they fall apart and one state is divided into two again on religious terms. People need to understand that before being a follower of any religion they are Human beings first. However, it might be next to impossible due to the deep roots of politics over there.  Still, we can try for it!

India is given as the best example of


but are we maintaining that? Ask yourself this question so that our younger generations don't thrive on the topic we are thriving in. 

Let's promise ourselves not to indulge in any activity that includes misleading thoughts about religion and the human race.

WE SHOULD RESPECT OTHER'S RELIGIOUS BELIEVES as we survive in a secular and democratic nation wherein everyone's opinion and feelings matter. Also, this is the only way to bring communal harmony among the people of India. 

In the end, to understand politics tactfully and not survive in the trap that politicians have made for us for their selfish means.

Earth is a beautiful place, Let's make it even more beautiful by doing what we were sent for - GOOD and DELIGHT !!

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