Well, life has never been predictable and will never be. Those where the days when many, including you and me, would have been prepared with resolutions for the new year to commence. But did we have a notion, prophecy that a new year which was meant to be a gift would also arrive with pestilence? Yes, the outbreak from Wuhan of Hubei province, China in December 2019 shook all of the mankind merry to welcome a new life embracing the new Janus. The life really took a new face; a detour from the normalcy. COVID-19 had spread throughout the whole world and is now a pandemic; a global issue to be dealt with the whole global forces collectively, unitedly. Future has turned to be blinded by the smokes of problems risen as a part of the pandemic health wise, economically, politically, educationally and the list goes on. These are to be combated again by the world till day. For now, revoking the essence of the old but relevant saying again till day ‘health is wealth’, priority comes back to our well-being.

Being a family member of the same family of its predecessors SARS and MERS, which had also a business of creating epidemics, the SARS-Cov-2, human coronavirus 2019, or more conveniently known Coronavirus, is at a peak of taking the small-scale devastations to that of conglomerate level; a pandemic. Yet traditionally it follows the typical symptoms of fever, dry cough, tiredness and so on. The severity of the viral attack can vary from person to person, but mostly unnoticeable to mild symptomatic without any further hospitalization and some to life-threatening situations, leaving a sigh of relief. Still prevention is always better than cure. We never want the death toll to hike day by day, when people expect to have the stocks to go for a bull market. Need comes to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the verge of this current calamity.

Knowing the mode of transmission of the virus, the complications caused by it helps us in providing haberdashery for sewing a barrier against the evil pathogen. Even the world governments believe in adopting small leaps to ensure the globe to reach once again to the zenith from the deep trenches, pushed by the viruses. This includes preventive measures like social distancing by keeping ourselves 6 feet apart from others reducing the possibilities of contact transmissions. Air transmission of the Coronavirus can be considerably curtailed by the appropriate wearing of face masks, more preferably certified ones like N99 or N95. Covering one’s nose and mouth while coughing and sneezing is also a preventive measured to be practiced and inculcated as a part of personal hygiene and courtesy. 

Disinfection is also an unavoidable step for protection against the pathogen. Frequent hand wash when in contact with surfaces, disinfecting surfaces where there are chances for the virus to stick are recommended for complete protection, ensuring our home ‘sweet home’, our workplaces an abode, our neighborhood blissful, our world in harmony!

Preventive measures are considered, adopted but still maybe misfortune or a jinx, we do have people getting COVID positive results. Now as a reminder, even if being COVID positive patient is never meant to make us lose our positivity. (Even I was a glad warrior who fought over this. Many of readers would also be the victors of war against the pandemic!) Optimism is a prerequisite to have an effective, successful treatment; a time to introspect into ourselves and take care of ourselves. Along with it, self-isolation if affected is to be done for the safety of beloved ones around us. Being more like a flu, COVID-19 disease also has similar treatments and medications, which is not to be ignored and meticulously considered. The medical, pharmacy sector are on their way to find more possible ways of better, comfortable, fruitful, seasonable, treatment.

This is not only considered at the level of only individual; governments taking initiatives for curb of Coronavirus toll is expected as a response to the pandemic. Implementation of travel restrictions, lockdowns, quarantines, workplace hazard control measures, business closures are to be greatly valued as part of the efforts to avoid wide social transmission. Excellency of these efforts are enhanced when we see the increase of testing capacity for the disease and tracing contacts of the infected person is also going along, so more measures can be evaluated and taken.

With these constant efforts our physical state of well-being is secured but when mind is not with our body how are we going to have stability? Apart from the real infection mental state of people are also under tremendous tumult due to the new lifestyle. Lockdowns have restricted our movement and make us stay in our homes for quite a period. Well the days were really sedentary and moreover the junky food, couch potato-ness were just an ignition to lifestyle diseases like obesity and then to Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease, fatty liver leading to liver cirrhosis. So COVID-19 is not the only disease rampant in these times and can occur to anybody. So lockdown never should be a roadblock ahead to fitness and health as we can still practice home exercises, workout, yoga indoors, aerobics and so on.

Coming back to the mental status, there are reports that people, especially ones leading a solitary life, mostly in apartments, undergo depression. In some countries, suicide rates have rocketed. And weirdly anti-social activities have risen. It was absurd to see a study that on the citizens of Australia who were married had witnessed the increased incidence of domestic violence. Here it shows we need a check into our thoughts and ensure if those are healthy, then only we can confirm a healthy me. There is a great fear that these lockdowns has shown us the way of mental distress. Mental health is to be checked hence from the dirty cobweb laid by the virus.

Photo by Victoria Volkova on Unsplash.com

Promotion of healthy interactions among family members, relatives, friends is a must. There must at least one person to whom we can share our deepest of the feelings, our health, to whom we can enjoy with our utmost happiness, share our trenched sadness, extinguish our arson of anger. It is also an era of video call platform, if we are eager to see the faces of our dears. Start home workouts, aerobics, yoga. Practice gardening, a very favourite hobby to be adopted by the people who are really home-bounded. Be well aware about the surroundings by getting updated through newspapers, internet; need to be connected to the world even when shut inside houses. Adopt reading as it would be helpful informatively, as an entertainment too.

These are my little ways of protecting health from Corona which can infect anyone, destroy the lives of many if not taken the precautions gravely, which can affect directly or indirectly. Well the precautions like social distancing has overwhelmed us a lot for not meeting us from our dearest ones, but we have to remember that the distancing we are keeping for today is for having us close tomorrow, the lockdowns caging us is for grooming us to soar high above the skies, our stay in the darkness is to prepare to face the radiant sun with our naked eyes. Like an eagle wearing of its feathers, we again will fly sky high, soaring with bright strong new feathers!