Image by Mike Wall from Pixabay 

Life – one majestic talk point. It can be ‘literally’ defined as the sequence of physical and mental experiences that makes up the existence of an individual. It is the continuum of accomplishment, failure, challenge, goal, grace, dilemma, touch, loss, love, and what not. Indeed it’s the eternal and unbroken flow of infinite rippling simultaneous events that by a fortuitous chain has led to this emergence of elements and existence. William Shakespeare gives a magnanimous expression of life in Macbeth Act 5 Scene 5,

‘Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player,
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And this is heard no more.’

Life doesn’t just happen. For granted we were born with a particular skin tone, our basic physical characteristics, the guidance during our childhood- made us some way what we are today. Thereafter our lives are our choices. It is so important to acknowledge that we are all making choices all the time, even when we chose to choose, we have still made a choice. We are bestowed with five senses through which we perceive this world and our life being in it. But is that really plausible?! The straight tree appears curved when the eye is pressed sideways. Einstein explains through his astounding discovery of Quantum Physics, when someone moves in the speed of light everything freezes, time stops. So can we transcend time? To be bit more unornamented, the sun we see now is the sun eight minutes ago. From where did the fundamentals forces come from? Is our life a mere computer simulation? These are inquisitions that strides over the ‘Life’ we live, indeed thought-provoking. Life is simply love. We are love. The perspective of life changes tremendously when the perceiver rushes deep, rejoicing in the SELF – that doesn’t change with time – the INNER TRUTH.

We say ‘my' mind, ‘my' body – so its apparent we aren’t any of these. Life is a non-existing energy derived arena ruled by our senses and relished by the seeker searching its meaning.

The comprehensive and intensive study on the meaning of life, with rummage on the existing scientific ideas and diligent self with the sense turned inwards, there is one infinite absolute existence or cosmic consciousness alone which isn’t affected by concepts of time, space, nor is subjected to polarity. We are all the atoms of consciousness, when attained fully grown state of a body, experience its own faculties. Mind-play creates life. We all belong to each other, that the groundwork of what life is all about.

Its affirmed that ‘Now is called present because it’s the Gift of God.’ What we have is just the ‘now’. This world appearance is but a long dream which manifest everywhere maybe.

The big play of life with supernumerary expressions of being, to the leap into deep mystery would certainly make a spark strike the spine. Apprehending non-duality in this world, would really add-on the spice, apart from life being a ‘System capable of evolving by variation and natural selection which forms and functions are adapted to their environment’.

We are the embodied consciousness to play the game of life here so apparent enough that there is a purpose for life here. The ultimate goal on Earth is happiness. Happiness isn’t just accomplishing our goals of getting into the best university or singing at the biggest concert, it is sharing the happiness with the needy. Service is the soul purpose of life. In fact service eliminates fear, brings focus in your mind, purposefulness to your actions and long-lasting joy and peace.

In essence, serve the higher purpose of life. Appreciating the true nature of life, belonging to the whole world and celebrating the multi faceted sense-led life is flawless magic. Life is a gameplay with the whole heart of love, seek the undivulged, serve the deprived, reap success with the intriguing perseverance and tread to the ecstasy of the infinitesimal bring.

"There is a poem scratched onto the walls of the world no one has heard it but it's there."

Seek and solve the obscure riddle - Life.

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