According to the studies conducted by the World Health Organisation, the statistics show that one in seven 10 -19 year olds experience a mental disorder. Mental health issues could add on due to gender discrimination, sexual assaults, violation of rights, etc. leading to the rising numbers in depression, anxiety disorders, and even death when helpless. Neglect from the elders i.e.; parents or guardians also contributes to these increasing numbers. Since it's pride month let's keep our main focus on the LGBTQA+ community. 

Adolescence is a crucial period where an individual begins to explore and tend to question every aspect that may seem uncanny to them. Such one topic would be 'sexual orientation'. Lack of education from 2 sides an individual relies on, educational institutions and as a parent, who would more likely not want to talk about it due to religious beliefs and influence from previous generations tend to carry homophobia all through their years without acknowledgment. Teenagers questioning their sexuality are usually under pressure because being different and asserting one's own identity could be mentally exhausting because it not only takes time and exploring but also the courage to find that 'coming out' moment once you're ready with a confident 'yes, this is me'. 

It's proven that homosexuals are more prone to mental health issues than heterosexuals and this is obvious even without any research. It's disheartening to see an individual who makes up their mind to come out after strenuous thinking, suffer from anxiety disorders, bullying, and isolation because as the lyric in the song 'no matter' by Calum Scott goes "I trusted in my friends but all my world came crashing down, I wish I never said a thing 'cause to them I'm a stranger now". 

Rainbow capitalism is a term to describe the commercialization and commodification of the LGBTQ movement. Although rainbow capitalism is shown throughout the year, there's is a hike during pride month by selling out merchandise for profit, only to find out they've contributed to the community not even by a percent but on many occasions have been homophobic. Pride is a month dedicated to diversity,  love, and inclusion but corporate companies have made it their objective by tapping into Pride month to commercialize items with colorful websites by faking their goal of inclusion and diversity. If such was the world and thinking of people from the beginning wouldn't we be living in peace? well, maybe it's about time to call them out and end this by doing a background check on these companies and preaching the truth about their lies. A gesture of support with written words on shirts and visibility of solidarity would make no difference. It's physically and mentally that people are suffering. Wouldn't we all be content and happy from the start if by putting on merchandise could change things? I would for sure wouldn't be seen without it but the truth is far from it.  

Mainstream society till date still frowns upon same-sex marriage, transgender individuals, etc. My only question is 'Why regret your decisions only when you see your child give up their life for something that wasn't their fault? rather it was the community around them who they trusted to try and understand them. Individuals suffering from mental health issues are usually helpless because therapy and medications are quite expensive and without help from parents, they are left to fend for themselves pushing away their loved ones, and putting on a fake disposition.

In conclusion, Humanity takes precedence over sexual orientation and the challenges that come with it because of our selfish nature. Just like the seven colors of the flag which are symbolic to the lgbtq+ we should take pride in and realise that figuring out who we are was never the problem. By educating others we should learn to live in harmony with reducing the unnecessary differences made by people. Just like different colors together make a beautiful rainbow we should hope for a future where people keep their differences aside and be there for each other in times of need.

Disturbing Facts:

  •  During the 1960s and early 1970s, homosexuality was classified as a mental disorder. Homosexuality as a mental disorder was struck down from the second edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders by the American Psychiatric Association in 1973.
  • The Supreme court on September 6th, 2018, ruled over Section 377 that criminalized homosexuality. It overturned the earlier judgment in 2013 and legalized homosexuality 
  • It took nearly two more decades for World Health Organization to recognize homosexuality as normal.
  • The “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, which restricted lesbians, gays, and bisexuals in the military from openly serving, was lifted in 2011. People who are transgender are not permitted to serve openly yet.
  • The rate of murders of homosexuals in Brazil is particularly high, with a reported 3,196 cases over the 30-year period of 1980 to 2009 (or about 0.7 cases per 100,000 population per annum). At least 387 LGBT Brazilians were murdered in 2017.

  • People's ignorance of and prejudice against LGBT people can contribute to the spreading of misinformation about them and subsequently to violence. In 2018, a transgender woman was killed by a mob in Hyderabad, India, following false rumors that transgender women were sex trafficking children. Three other transgender women were injured in the attack.
  • During World War II, the Nazis held homosexual men in concentration camps, branding them with the infamous pink triangle badge, which was also given to sexual predators

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