If your salary is the only source of income then you are just one step ahead of poverty – Warren buffet. 

Pertaining to this, covid-19 has taught us not to rely on one source of income as you might get fired anytime soon. Ironically in India there about 31 million jobless people as per the data revealed by Indian government in 2018. Amidst all the complications we have, the rate of unemployed and under-employed individuals has been a never-ending situation in the Indian economy. Approximately lakhs of students are graduating every year but the number of students landing in the right job for their qualification becomes debatable. The numbers are highly disputable that flames an instant series of questions regarding the quality of the Indian education system. Is it really feasible? Unemployment has become a major social issue in India Are measures adopted by the government to combat the issue credible? With these flames of question this article will be examining possible solutions to shrunken the unemployment rate in India.

India has the youngest and largest demographic amongst which 50% are under the age of 25 and about 65% below the age of 35, with an average age of about 29 as of 2020, which in comparison to China's average of 39 and Japan's 48 makes it the youngest country in the world with about 64% of total population projected to be in the working-age group, the unexploited potential of this young working-age group is clearly visible and if capitalized effectively it will contribute to the reduction of unemployment, overall development of the economy as well as the socio-economic growth of the population. But just like Rome wasn't built in a day, we need to consistently work on upgrading our bright minds with awareness, knowledge, skills, professionalism in order to reduce the unemployment rate. To begin with;

Focus on skills: It’s not a lack of job opportunities, its lack of skillsets in Indian graduates

One of the primary reasons for unemployment is that people lack the skillsets required for the current era. So, what does people like Elon musk, Jeff Bezos, Mukesh Ambani do differently to be absolute bosses at what they do? They did not restrict their learning to just what the system has curated for them. They went out in the world and discovered and mastered the skills that matters. Here, one needs to remember that technological advancement in the job market is rapidly changing and apart from gaining knowledge from the syllabus that is outdated one should invest their quality time in developing the demanding skillsets like cloud computing, digital marketing, data analytics, etc. to fetch a good job. One cannot change the system but can change their mind in learning new skills. The unwillingness in people to upgrade the skillsets required by the current era leaves them unemployed or underemployed. At last, A 6-month relevant program will land you in a decent job that a 4-year irrelevant knowledge cannot.

Career guidance: Finding a mentor solves many of the career hurdles

People who are educated but are unable to figure out the right career path can consult a career guidance expert. But in the process of finding your mentor, make sure to keep aside from people who push you to become doctors and write government exams only. Instead get along with people who knew the world of opportunity. Every industry has numerous job opportunities but Indian employees lack complete knowledge and awareness about the same. A career guidance expert can help individuals understand the industry know-how, help them to equip the right skillsets, strategies the best career option and choose the right career path for them. In short, choosing a mentor in the early stage of the graduation period will help in landing a good job.

Encouraging Entrepreneurship in the minds of young people

The idea of new businesses surely comes with prospects of a reduction in unemployment. Students at the early stage of life should knee the power of innovation and creation. The possibilities of entrepreneurship is unbounded and it can any idea that can turn into a revolutionary start-up. The range of unicorns adding to India’s portfolio and government has introduced many schemes under start-up India to strengthen the start-up ecosystem, It's high time for every academic institution to impart strong entrepreneurship cell to attract the innovative minds for exploration about societal problems and train them to be a responsible citizen in solving environmental problems through innovation and technology which in turn creates job opportunities for individuals thereby enhancing the economy of the nation.

Last but not least, the role of government in Revamping the Quality of Indian Education

The term education should correspond to everything a child can amount to. It should not be restricted to how much information they can retain in their brain. It should include overall development of a child that will help them sustain in his life. But one of the problem being, the syllabus framed a decade ago is still an important concept of today's universities. The interpersonal skills which need to be developed in school education play less to no role in the Indian education system. The mismatch in the knowledge gained through education and skills required by the industry at the workplace creates a vacuum in the recruitment process. It's time for all of us to understand the true meaning and purpose of education that it fosters to the overall development of the individual in all aspects of life.


In the end, the road to recovery is still very distant but not impossible, if people can come forward to develop the skills and government focus on revamping the current academic structure with a focus on equipping the homegrown talent with the right skillset alongside boosting Entrepreneurship, then our nation will be able to harness this developmental potential of this large pool of human resource and truly emerge as a world superpower. 

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