CRED i am pretty sure we all have heard about in any way or the other, I am writing ither because as many of us know CRED as a app used to pay credit card bills and making our lives easier and other have known this by Rahul Dravid famous ads, to be true I had read about CRED before these ads but these ads made sure that I had to research about it because I love the creativity behind the whole idea that how if Rahul Dravid has anger issues so you can also do this, this was one of the ads but this thing of creativity in the advertisement continue with every ither ads and this I liked about them that how they attract the ordinary people by throwing in their minds extraordinary thoughts and this is what Kunal Shah do, the former founder of Freecharge and the founder of CRED which he defines as what do people want and what change can he do on their lives and usually CRED is defined as 

“CRED is a members only credit card bill payment platform that rewards its members for clearing their credit card bills on time.”

CRED whole point was to remove the hidden and the exorbitant rate of interest we all spend because of the confused mechanism so what Kunal Shah thought that we give people a sense of greed so that they use our platform so they introduced CRED coins whenever they pay the bills and those coins will be credited in the customer’s account and can be used as discounts on CRED partner products. CRED is like your credit card full Encyclopedia on an app it gives email statements, details on balance, due date, bank costs and bifurcation of expenditures, it also analyses the overall expenses, secret costs, and record loan craps and advises you all of this so that extra charges can be avoided, meaning ab easy life and that’s what Kunal Shah dreamt off.

Now we all should be thinking about how CRED earns money so here is the revenue model, but as just I thought about revenue I remembered another story of marketing of CRED in starting these, one thing is that I am a big fan of marketing of CRED, so in starting days when one customer pays some certain amount of bill CRED used to send cakes in their offices to make them feel special and in-office particularly so that other employees can also think that how user friendly is this company and that’s why a great fan of Kunal Shah thinking. So coming back to the revenue model, CRED has no single best source of revenue, they have a varied product/service span like CRED’s RentPay where it allows the tenants to pay monthly rents using the credit card, where the amount is transferred to the landlord's bank account directly. The main advantage that lies here is that the app helps users get an interest-free credit period on rent and also lets them earn reward points on their credit cards. CRED will charge users a transaction fee of 1% - 1.5% depending on the user's credit card network. Other services from where CRED earns are CRED pay, store coins, stash.

So coming to the conclusion I feel that CRED has a great future because of the attractive business mode and for that they have become a unicorn having a valuation of about 2.2 billion dollars, it will always attract people and will increase its user base if they work unique like this.

Signing off

Shivayu Gupta