Image by Anja from Pixabay 

Like a bird locked in a cage
It’s voice and it’s wings not free to fly away
Not even a sound it can’t make
Trapped in a golden cage
So many people come to see it’s beauty and it’s finely shaped structure
Magnificent to watch and it’s Beauty cannot be compared to none
Similarly is a life of a woman
Her country achieved freedom but still her life is not free
Her voice is trapped, her talents are hidden away
Her voice has no power
A woman is like a showpiece
Always kept on display
Always should stand with a smile and welcome everybody in and do their biddings
For her whole life she is trapped inside a wall weigh down by society
She is never allowed to break
Inside this wall is like slavery
She cannot have her own voice or freedom
If ever she tries to break that wall down she is down casted by everyone including the ones she loves and she will be the reason every misfortune in her families life
A girl is not anybody’s toy
She is a person as anybody else
A girl’s life isn’t something that should be planned for her since birth
Give her voice and she wouldn’t be sad
Give her freedom then she would rule the world
Let a woman live her life
Break all the walls of misconception
Then she would soar through the skies
High like a bird free from it’s cage.

.    .    .