Image by Kanenori from Pixabay 

I walked through a beach
Filled with sand so golden, so light
Like heaps of gold accumulated over time.
I looked at the ocean so vast, so mighty
Creating waves and ripples
Like smiling happily with no worry
I looked up into the sky
I saw the last rays of sunlight trying their best to cover any and everything in their reddish-golden light.
And at last, I saw myself in the water
Bits and pieces of myself arranged correctly like a perfect puzzle
But no matter how much time I spent my image wasn't like when I looked in the mirror
Everything was perfect in a mirror
It looked like time itself stayed still
Like a fantasy created by me where I am forever young and beautiful
The water with its continuous movements was like reality
I was just as whole as I was in the mirror but the flow of the water never let my reflection stay still not even for a moment
Here it was like time was flowing every second mattered
Every second I was one step close to death
An hourglass that would mark my end.
Through this period I would have been happy and would have suffered equally.
I would have laughed and cried
Created a lot of memories both good and bad
But the saddest part is that something somewhere somehow would have passed without me ever knowing it.

.    .    .